Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bits, Sep 9, 2008.

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  1. Very good ..... it holds a lot of useful information and good links to TA units.

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  2. Quite good ..... it holds useful information and you can find your local TA units.

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  3. Quite poor ..... it doesn't have much information of relevance for the TA, and it's quite

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  4. Very poor ..... it is very difficult to locate your local TA unit, and may misguide potential recrui

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  1. Try this:

    Go to and go to the JOBS section.

    Enter the following:

    Gender = Male
    Soldier or Officer = either
    Qualifications = anything you like
    Full-time or Part-time = Part-time

    Click 'FIND JOBS'......... :cry:

    Apparently the TA is full, and there are no posts available because we are all up to our established strength. :x

    Except that's boll0cks, we're crying out for them, for pities sake!!! Will some lunatic please sort this fecking webiste out!!!!

    One Army Recruiting my arrse. :evil:

    (Edited for being an angry grammar mong)
  2. The system was probably designed by the same people who did jpa. TA? never heard of them.
  3. Even better - try finding a unit near you - you will be given a list of everything from RFCA, ACFs and Museums before you get to a unit!
  4. msr

    msr LE

    That'll be another success chalked up for One Army Recruiting :roll:
  5. True Digital are at present adding regional pages to Army Jobs because it was noted that it wasn't providing enough information on local units etc, the area search was at best - outdated.

    The regional pages will at least give you contact details and locations of where to find each TA unit as well as having features on locally recruited and geographically located Regular units.

    It's still in it's development stages at the moment but ours looks like this link there are still inaccuracies - mainly wrong pictures for the unit (The Salamanca Band of the Rifles has a picture of a bloke from the Duke of Lancs) and some of the information seems to have almost fallen off the bottom instead of being higher up the page - but we're onto it.
  6. msr

    msr LE

    'We' being...?
  7. Someone within your local HQ CRR, they should have compiled all the contact details of all TA Units and the AFCO/ACIO's etc.
  8. That's good because we only told the people who wrote this steaming pile the issues with it in May 07. Glad they are working on it so fast. What you are doing looks good but also how about simply giving a drop down menu in the Armyjobs local search so they can filter what within the list they are searching for.

    Oh, and have users noticed that the pathfinder is a separate bolt on. The 'personality' test has no bearing on the jobs brought up.

    One final thing - there are no 'part -time' jobs in the army only 'spare time'!
  9. Perhaps it should be "full time " & "hobby"
  10. msr

    msr LE

    I would have thought 'full time' and 'temping agency' might be a bit closer.

  11. Casual worker
  12. I was searching for Engineering opportunities last week (on behalf of somebody else, I hasten to add) and the first two pages of results were all RAMC. Even the following pages were predominantly medic-related.

    The first indication that we're heading for an army of bionic soldiers, perhaps?
  13. As far as I'm aware just about every TA unit is understrength at the moment and Recruiting Officers are deperately searching for PRs. Yet if someone is foolish enough to go onto this site to find options for TA service they will find the answer 0 jobs no matter what they enter as long as the "part-time" drop down is selected. WTF is going on here? One Army my ARRSE.
  14. considering bde is making all my officers apply/ reapply for the jobs that they already hold and are publishing the vacancies, they should know exactly how many blank lsn's there are.

    a severe waste of time imo, it's not like we havn'e got anything else to do.