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ArmyFit - Is it working?

Is ArmyFit working?

  • Yes, quite well

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  • Not at all. Flawed from the off. Get a big-titted lovely for each TAC and see if that works.

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  • In part, but not as well as it could

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  • What the hell is armyfit?

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misterp said:
my girlfriend even asked me how come you don't get to do anything like that when seeing the latest TA advert.

the army fit thing seems like a good idea, but nothing is really mentioned about it!

she wants you to go?

can she be my girlfriend as well?

I'm even prepared to go skiing.


devilish said:
What a sh!t example of the TA you represent! Why would you slate something that is and does(to a degree) exactly what it says on the tin?

It's a fcuking company FFS, of course they need risk assessments and all the other bollox that go with it.

I'd be impressed if you could find a skiing holiday in Austria for under a Grand, equipment and ski passes included.

I thought not......


And I take it that you are not self-employed? And you don't lose money on each course you attend?

I thought not...


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