Army wont honour our war hero son

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armoured_farmer, Feb 25, 2010.

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  1. Sad, but a non-story, he died of natural causes not enemy action.
  2. As above, although it is annoying that the image on the site has been flipped.
  3. My sincere sympathy to his family but frankly, no. He wasn't killed in action or even on active service. He died in service from an illness unconnected with the Army. If we start to change the rules to accomodate one grieving family then where will it end, the whole thing will become a farce. Sadly in this day and age some people just can't accept that there are rules and conditions and they exist for a reason.

    I'm not just saying this to be a c*ck, this young lad served in my former Regiment.
  4. He'll get his name on the Armed Forces Memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum at least. Everyone who dies in service does.
  5. Have to agree, to honour him would imply he fought and was KIA.
  6. I don't believe he will,

    For inclusion on the National Armed Forces Memorial, the person would have to have died a service-related death.

    He would, however, be named on the National Roll of Honour, which is, as you say, is for all who have died in service.

    Somebody named on the Memorial would also be included in the National Roll of Honour but not all on the Roll of Honour are named on the Memorial.

    I'm assuming the parents are referring to the National Roll of Honour- in which case, there's no problem, he will be included.

    Possibly this may just be shoddy journalism.

    I don't envy those who have to make the decision for inclusion on the memorial, some,for example KIA are obvious candidates but some are more difficult to decide.

    As these rules have been applied for everyone who has died in service since 1947, (obviously for most, retrospectively) it just wouldn't be fair to bend the rules for an individual.
  7. Tricky one considering he was on his way back from Ganners so technically he was on a tour! before returning!
  8. How about RTAs, I know they get the Elizebeth Cross. They haven't died as a result of enemy action, but do they get full honours?

    Would the lad likely have died had he not deployed to Afghanistan, I know the (now Danish) hospital in Bastion is one of the best in the world but could the flight over have triggered it?

    These are genuine questions not rhetorical ones.
  9. If he died in service of natural causes he will go on the Roll of honour, but his name will not go on the wall, I just checked out an Old friend who died in NI and thats what it said, but another who died in a RTA in the FI is on the wall
  10. I think you will find that it is still very much British and currently being run by our Jock friends from 205 Fd Hospital.
  11. My mistake, seems you're right mate. Just checked and apparently the memorial at the NMA only lists those KIA or killed in training accidents etc.
  12. Ah ok, sorry.

    When I was there the medics were talking about handing over to the Danes and we had a few Danish medics come out on IRT shouts with us.
  13. My understanding is that, in the case of RTAs the criterion is whether it is service related.

    A RTA in the Falklands is very likely to be service related whereas a death of soldiers in a car crash returning say, to Bulford from weekend leave, may not be seen as service-related.

    I've checked on a Green Jacket who was killed in a motorbike accident in the Far East and his name is not on the wall but is on the ROH

    If anyone wants to check on names they are aware of, the link is:
    Armed Forces Memorial/Roll of Honour
  14. Just checked my mate who died in an RTA in BAOR, not service related - he is there.

    Edited to add

    Just checked another mate (drink driving fatality) and he is also there.