Army WO3s and RAF WO1s

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I know - isn't that when the boring guitar solo cuts in?
He can't be a very good player if he has to have a spare guitar built in in case he breaks all the strings.........
He’s away celebrating Albuhera Day.
I read this whole thread.* I think I deserve a medal. Especially as I'm home and've just had my tea.

* Well, admittedly I did skim-read the more circular Milan ripostes, because Milan-ary is not the universal answer to everything. Forty-two is.
Apparently in a straight line, except where it spirals, or wibbles without reference to gravity and apparently over a very very green swamp, but Shrek's house wasn't included in the diagram, which wholly voids the ballistic result. The wire is also possibly crocheted in a rustic deep chestnut chenille yarn or it is about 1' wide of rusty iron cable according to an arbitrary visual scale of the schematics - for dimensions there were none.
Oh - and the back end just drops off, when the front bit goes a google-able distance at only a bit faster than the walking pace given in Eleven Plus exam questions.
Might now be the time to ask the OP if this thread has proceeded as expected?
Maybe it’s time we exercised our collective intelligence on investigating the RAF Warrant rank. Fucking dull though and doesn’t flick my giveafuckometer. Bit like Milan.

The COs should be awarding us with bling for our avatars our brave and selfless action keeping Arrse otherwise JG free.
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