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 From today's Grauniad:

The man behind Footballers' Wives is working on a drama focusing on the army and the "misfits" it attracts.

Brian Park is hoping the series will do for the forces what Footballers' Wives has done for the flashy world of sportsmen, mock Tudor homes and glamour models.

Provisionally called Bombshell, the ITV-commissioned series centres on the conflict between new recruits and the army's age-old traditions.

The series is to be made by Shed, the production company behind Footballers' Wives, and pilot scripts have been submitted to ITV for approval.

TV viewers can expect the same kind of fireworks that the outrageous storylines involving Footballers' Wives characters such as Jason, Tanya and Chardonnay have provoked.

"Because it is a Shed production it will undoubtedly follow that there will be big storylines and big characters," Mr Park told

"It will explore the tensions within the modern army and the type of recruits - and misfits - they can get these days.

"It is exploring the reality of modern recruits fighting the traditional aspects of army life and the culture clash that results.

"Red Cap and Soldier Soldier it won't be," he said, adding the show would feature men and women "in and out of uniform".

Mr Park said Shed was waiting for ITV to give the scripts the green light and he hoped to start filming later this year.

The mystery surrounding the deaths of several army recruits at the Deepcut barracks and the fact the army may soon be put on a war footing has increased public interest in the forces.

However, if war breaks out with Iraq the sensationalist army drama may become less attractive to ITV bosses.
Wondering who the cast could be.

Are the any actresses that would wear ron hills white high heels and have there spotty arses hanging over the top. Couple this with chocolate covered ill mannered children running thier sticky hands over everything and i think your on with a winner

I do think Harry Enfield got his wayne & waynetta theme from the Patch in Minden ;D

Got it , Mandy Dingle could play the provo Cpls wife, just dip her head in chip fat and its a go ;D
Oh I'm sure this will show the Army in the best possible light  :mad:

Just spoken to them. Waiting for a phone call back......
I don't know if anyone ever saw the first series of Soldier Soldier written by Lucy Gannon. Although less successful it was a hell of a lot grittier than the subsequent series which went far too glam. The first series had a much greater focuss on some of the family issues. Donna Tucker was a right hard-faced slapper who was sh@gging a site workman while dave was on exercise, Gary Wilton was a Regimental boxing champ, and the CSM "Chick" Henwood was a tough SOB. One episode had an SNCO loose the plot with depression and blow himself up at the end of an exercise, Maj Tom Cadman's wife was having an affair with another Coy Cdr, Lt Nick Pascoe's engagement broke up, all dark, bleak stuff.

I have to say, it's already been done unless it goes Footy-Wives Soap cum ghetto fabulous.
Ok, spoken to the peeps concerned. This was a mooted idea (pre-production) no movement on it as yet.....
Woopert, your description sounds like your average week in any Regiment!!

I remember my neighbours in a certain German town was the Adjt and his miserable wife - they had the most incredible domestics - in fact, one night I nearly called the RMPs because of all the thumping I heard (I suspect he got the worst of it.........) One memorable day she mowed exactly half the lawn and left the other half for him when he got back off exercise..


Can they film it in Detmold mid 80's and make sure they show all the singlies coming down the Hack Hill after a night of "manoeuvres" with the 4/7 wives!!!!!!!!!


Just put Barry from Auf Wiedersehen Pet in a £5.99 dress, and you've got a potential BAFTA winner.

He'd have to let himself go a bit though!!
Bizarre you should mention Barry from Auf Wedersehn Pet

Dye his hair ginger and youve got ORG ;D ;D


As woopert said its already been done with Soldier Soldier and he's right the first serious was the best.

Prodigal is right though in saying wooperts description sounds like your average week in any Regiment.

Maybe the the people making the series should commision some of us to write  the story lines for them. ;D

I can just imagine some of the things MDN, would come out with ;)
The first programme would involve Robson and jerome getting fragged by a milan at three the face ;D
they're not shivers down your back they are open sores and warts ;D


ooooo MDN, didnt know you cared ;)

I,d rather them then have gungy mouldly smelly cheese pouring out of something that is so limp and small you need drastic help finding it.

I,m sure if you go to the ballroom at the tower you will find a couple of old ladies with bifocals to help you :D
Those putrid ginger things need stamping on ;D

Ive been throught the said old ladies with bifocals, I was great they were grateful ;D

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