army wives and their??????? ranks

Discussion in 'RAC' started by sootycat, Sep 25, 2006.

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  1. when oh when will a number of army wives finally realise that it is their HUSBAND that is in the army and it is HIS rank. I am sick to death of being treated as a lesser mortal because my husband is jnco, and have been recently dropped by a so called friend since her hubby was made up, what is that all about, i am still the same person. and whilst on the subject, i wish to god that the whinging when the men go away would stop, after all it a large part of their job and is largely what they are paid to do, yes we all miss our hubby's when they are away, but constantly moaning on about it is a fruitless exercise. the vast majority knew what they were marrying into so grin and bear it ladies.
  2. Well said sootycat...I take it you are an RAC wife like myself :) ..All I can say is the woman..I was going to say lady in question was not ever a good friend and you are better off without her....You need a friend like me who you can depend no matter what rank my husband is.. :wink:
  3. i am indeed janieo and i wish to god you were here to sort the silly wenches out!!!!!!!! :D i think they could do with some of your straight forward points of view. i just don't understand their mentality and out on civvy street they wouldn't last a day with thier misconceptions.
  4. Isn't the army class system wonderful! My wife of service days (now an ex), was teaching at the BFES middle school in Fally and wasn't allowed to go to the Officers' Mess with other staff for an after-work drink, as she was 'wife of Trooper Dundrillin.' and therefore only a 'trooper' herself and not an honorary captain, as the other teachers were. Her best friend was the wife of a major in the RAPC and she was warned off meeting her socially because of the rank difference.
  5. Get over yourselves FFS. Hardly any wonder that your friend dumped you. She was probably sick to death of hanging about with a woman who spends her days dressed in Kappa and forcing the entire street to listen to her either:

    a. Bawling ans swearing at her kids.
    b. Bawling and swearing at her drunk husband.
    c. Playimg her 'R & B' on a car stereo which cost more than the car did.

    Ever wonder why your neighbours avoid making eye contact?
  6. ffs you get over yourself stereo typing people, i don't drive, i don't shout at my kids in the street and i have very good relationships with all my neighbours, i don't wear kappa or any other sportswear other than for the gym so biscuits go fy cos nobody ain't gonna do it for you
  7. '.......cos nobody ain't gonna do it for you'?? Perhaps your friend dumped you as she was embarrassed by your common 'I'm really from Aldershot but I like to talk like I'm from LA' mutterings. You probably embarrassed her each time you opened your mouth in public.

    The reason you don't wear sports kit is more than likely to do with your weight, rather than having any loose connection to what is de rigour in the NAAFI nowadays.

    You don't drive? Christ that must be hell for your neighbours, having you stood on your doostep all day chuntering about other wives in between packets of L & B.
  8. Biscuits has spent to much time in the Pad Estates me thinks.

    I was once "gripped" by a lass in the Naafi saying she was gonna "fcuk up one of my mates" for "spreading rumours" that he'd "shagged her".

    I kindly reminded her that if she didn't let go of me i'd have to spit in her face then AGAI the fcuk out of her husband.

    I think she was wearing A grey jogging suit. & the rumours were very true!
  9. Christ, she was a slag.
  10. who?

    Biscuits or the bird in the NAAFI?
  11. Well she was poluting my air space with Smoke/Sperm/Morning after breath. Not to mention several Herpes infected specs of saliva had struck my cheek.
  12. there you go stereo typing again, i was making a valid point and believe i am entitled to do so, obviously i hit a raw nerve you have a very singled minded viewpoint and if you have nothing constructive to offer i suggest you keep your narrow mindedness to yourself. i have many friends whose husbands are of differant rank i was pointing out that there are a number of wives who wear their husbands ranks on their sleeves as well as their trousers(red cords or brown?).
  13. Have a read through this thread for all the "the other wives are so horrid and classless and nasty to me" gripes you could wish for!
  14. I think you are a wonderful example of Army wives. Well done!

  15. Try using capital letters every now and then. Hit a raw nerve? I'm sorry, but I don't quite follow you here. You really shouldn't use expressions if you are unfamiliar with their meanings. That one wasn't even in context. I take it that you had a Comprehensive School education?(which you don't appear to have taken full advantage of by the way).

    Anyway, shouldn't you be off to your part time job in the NAAFI bar?