Army win 48 - 9

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Legs, Apr 28, 2012.

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  1. And that's all I have to say about that.
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  2. Supermatelot is crying.

    So am I.


    IPods? I shit em.
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  3. Thats a hoofin
  4. Who were they playing?
  5. Watched it on Sky,never,ever in doubt.
  6. Bexhill Brownies (2nd XV)
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  7. Squaddie *****.
  8. Any streakers on to the pitch?
  9. Was it you?

  10. That's 'Guzzler'.
  11. What's up with the Navy's shitty dayglo uniform? And whoever heard of playing rugby in dress trousers and leather shoes?

    No wonder they got the **** kicked out of them.
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  12. Ah Fiji win again...

    Then again, I watched the RN play the crabs at Temeraire a few days ago, and the team looked poor then I didn't have the highest hopes going into this
  13. That streaker has a knob that's strikingly similar to a rugby ball.

    How odd.
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  14. Just about sobered up and thawed out now.

    Quite frankly the RN deserved that whooping. Their attack was weak and the score reflects how well they defended.

    Man of the Match was well deserved.

    Hey ho.

    Mebe next year eh?

    Only thing that marred it for us were the sweeaties sat near us getting abusive and generally a right pain in the arris when Swing Low started to be sung.

    Any news on the Pongo who was stretchered off?
  15. People from work were going to the game.
    Seems that streaking at the home of rugby by boozed up members of HMForces is frowned upon by the RFU.
    Good to see the Army won.