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Had coffee with a lady this evening who was an army wife back in the 1980's in a jock regt.

She mentioned that they were allways poor as a privates pay just about kept the Wolf from the door , despite
living in CYPRUS ON LOA. she also said that the regiment interfered with her life to such an extent that if she had a row with Hubby his officer would come around to talk to her . She also felt that there was a lot of pressure from the other wives for her to be a Tick - Tock wife.

Could I ask any wives or ex serving wives to tell us about their experiences both home and abroad .
My wife worked away from the patch so was only home at weekends. We never had any interference from the regiment, however, whilst she didn't feel pressured to conform, she definitely felt there was an strong school of thought that the wives on the patch should stay at home and raise children. I'm not sure if this came from the men or from the wives, but it was clear it was more cost effective to have a child and claim whatever benefits they could than it was to send wifey off to work.

We were also poor on a troopers wage.
Back in the early 80's I spent a great deal of time away from home. It was my job. Wife No1 (May she rest in peas...) was wholly anti Wives Club/Coffee Mornings/Colonels wife/Padres visits and any other aspects of military/mess social life.

That's why she walked out on me.

Not a problem.
i spent most of my career in military hospitals , whilst in BAOR my wife work as a civvy at BMH Iserlohn , she ended up running the Admissions and Discharge dept , never had any issues with the military but then life in tech trades in the R.A.M.C was very different from the field units.
It's a sad fact of life that you usually start off at the bottom and have to work yourself up the ladder. As you get higher the pay increases. If you remain at the bottom you will find it hard to make ends meet especially if you have kids to feed as well as a Doris. But the Jocks need not worry for too long as soon the evil English will leave their perfect country and all those Jocks that have left their homeland will return and all will be great once again in the land of Irn Bru and whatever.
whinging cow......I suspect she had enough in her pocket every month for a pair of Ron Hills, some fags, a few yellow packs for the ol fella and some beans and fish fingers for her ginger off spring.....**** me when I were in.......................!!
Whilst I was still serving and in BAOR, it seemed like our respective units were constantly poking their noses in, but in some respects I understood that. Being different cap badges at units roughly 20 miles apart (Rinteln/Hameln) we started off in married quarters on Rinteln's patch. That made his unit unhappy, so we moved to Hameln's patch, which made my unit unhappy. Conflicting duties/courses/exercises also made life fun.

Once I left Army and hubby was posted back to UK, if it weren't for the green kit everywhere, I'd have been hard pushed to remember we had anything to do with the Army. Never saw anyone from his unit (most of the personnel on our patch were from a different unit) and no Families Officer came to call, even when we were being most vocal in our "troubled times".
Spent the first 6 years of our marriage in BAOR. After a couple of visits to Wives club I decided it wasn't for me , couldn't be doing with the bitching , back stabbing and rank pulling. Only once did the COs wife visit , that was after I was discharged from Hospital ( and no it wasn't because he rearranged my face ). The only Padre I ever saw was the one in Soest .
As for money , we didn't live like Royalty but weren't exactly poor .
Life on the Patch in BAOR sure was an eye opener though !

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When me and the wife were first married we were in quarters in sunny downtown Newcastle, our next door neighbour was a Sgt and therefore the wife was Mrs Sgt. He couldn't have cared less that I was a scrote but she hated living next door to us ( and vice versa) However we had the last laugh when she started going off her tits and her OCD took over. Watching her clean up after the family rabbit every time it poo'd and meticulously weeding between the paving stones in the garden kept us entertained for hours.
Wife's, living with Hubbies was brought in to a greater extent, whilst I was in. It had been around for a while but as the Badge became a career post WW2, there was a greater need to accommodate the Wify.

My Wify, Mrs. Compo, sadly since departed to the guard room in the sky, was a London lass, who lived through the blitz and the rebuild at the end of the war, which for those of you who had a chance to relate to aged family will understand was a truly nasty/depressing experience.

She loved the whole married thing, our first posting was Tripoli and into one of the few married quarters available for married ORs. Their was no rationing, the sun shone a lot, the bungalow was large and we had 2 wallers to look after us. Next we went to Singapore, which we both loved and agreed that my becoming a career solider was the best thing since sliced bread. Especially when compared to the regular tales of blighty which we received in the mail.

IMHO, she never found the 'wife/off' thing a problem, as we had every thing we needed to build our life together, whether it be housing, medical attention [4 little Compos to take care off], schooling for the Compo minors, or socialising. All in all we spent about 25 of my 30 years overseas, as a couple, and to her dying day she never regretted the decisions that we made.

When we finally reached the big Endex, and settled in civvi street, she disliked it so much that she was the force that took us to India, where I joined an Indian procurement company, but that's a non-related story.

Of course today's Mob is not the same Badge as our day, but both my boys were married and badged, and I never heard a bad thing about any of it from the 4 of them. And as several of our grand kids are currently serving [one of whom at last count was married], they must have had a similar experience

However if wife to be is one of those feminine Wimmins then I foresee trouble all the way.


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Even for REME you take being a **** to a new level.
We're in BFG. Apart from 1-2 company smokers a year which involves the families or attending the CO's briefs for dependents my wife stays pretty much insulated from the battalion / army. She works full time so we live fairly comfortably.

We live off-camp where accommodation is inhabited by pads from different units within the brigade so virtually no "involvement" with the battalion & other than exchanging pleasantries in the stair well folk generally keep to themselves.

The mrs hasn't had any experience of other wives' "utilising" their husband's rank either.
I was an Army wife. Fortunately, I was in the Army at the time. My greatest memory is of (I've probably posted this before) a QLR Ladies' dinner night in Tidworth. The 3 Ugly Sisters sat at the top table and taking on their husbands' ranks.

I went for a piss break and they asked me who I was.

"Sgt Dale*"

No - what do you do?

"I've just ******* told you".

What does your husband do?

"Shits in your food".

So what do you do then?

"I send people to jail for being naughty".

No really. Are you a judge?

ad infinitum. It went on and on and on until I actually convinced them that I was actually in the Army, and wasn't just taking my husband's rank on.

The thick bitches.

* That's not my real name.


Imagine my disappointment not to see a pair of tits when I opened this thread. The title bore all the hallmarks of some amateur porn. I feel cheated.

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