Army wife claims Palace Barracks is like a brothel!

I was 13 months celibate when I was Palace Barracks-based in the Cold-War late 70's.

Sounds like the peace dividend to me . . . .


War Hero
Carly Polkey FFS!.....surely she is only 1 letter away from being a Porn Star..............albeit a Munter type Porn Star
WOW, I've been to Bangor and the girls there do like to put out to soilders wink wink, I'd give the wife a go to though
In the 80s a frequent 'guest' at Palace was a women,who became a real pornstar.Name of Anne-Marie kells(aka jay Sweet,Angelica fox,Jay Labelle etc).She was from Bangor/Holywood area.So I'm told!

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