Army Wide - End of stable belts

So been told on orders that from tomz or Monday (pending on regt), new dress regulations state that we are all on green issued belts. well there's a SDR reduction after making us buy our own for years !
not seen anything in part ones or coy orders about that around these parts??? is tht just int corp?
Ding, Ding Fares please, the Outrage Bus is about to depart for all stations to Westminster, calling at the Barracks Eastney, Portsmouth Dockyard, Odiham, Queen's Parade Aldershot and disgusted of Camberly.
Ten to one that the money for stable belts is somewhere on the MoD books and they're now going to officially cut it and announce that you have to buy your own, thereby 'saving' millions of pounds.


oh I enjoy my run ins with mangement about my lack of stable belt, till i get my trusted and framed (yes I am sad) photocopy of mat regs which states that soldiers cannot be ordered to buy one nor can the cost be recovered from public funds.

I so look forward to those days, and shit duties, especially when given extras for it and I turn up with a photocopy of QRs which states that extras can only be given for offences whilst on guard duty, can only be given by a Major and not exceed a certain amount of days.

I was banned from the photocopier for life after that one...

in seriousness we had a lad wear his RLC stable belt and seriously injured his lower back, also the RLC belt buckle caused severe internal bleeding, he was driving and went head on to a wrecker. If he had not worn that he would not have suffered as badly. This was a long time ago and I bet he wont get any" compensashun" for wearing that,
Doesn't everyone already buy their own? Royal Signals have for as long as I've been in.
Precisely. I was taking the mick.

My 'theory' was that they haven't cleared up the books, so somewhere on the budget sheet they still have x million pounds for stable belts. So to save that much money, they're going to erase it from the books (paper saving x million pounds, real saving nil) and demand that everyone buys their own, thereby creating that much money out of nothing.
For everyone one else it comes out of your own pocket (x factor or summit) but no longer, get in the QM's and get a length of green and some clips !
Nice to see the rest of the army catching up with the Royal Regiment :)

As the Army got smaller and amalgamations and disbandments got more frequent, I amassed FIVE stable belts - all bought by me and not a sodding stable or horse in sight!

Strangely the first three won't go around my very well muscled stomach - odd that.
First day in green plastic thingy, RIP twist to open stable belt :-( .... mind you it was getting a bit frayed and tight under the belly expansion strain :-D

The main reason for getting rid of the stable belts is because they have realised the material they used on my REME one has rapidly shrunk over the last 22 years to such a degree that there is no longer any adjustment. The other reason is the beer bottle opener attachment as worn away.

RIP stable belt but not heard any rumours about them being binned yet DTC
At the QEMH many many moons ago, a male nurse (RAMC in those days) was in the NatWest in Woolwich town centre at lunchtime when a member of the RA (Artillery not the 'RA') came in with a sawn off shotgun foir did a spot of mid-day robbery, he saw my friend (now a copper) said 'what are you laughing at?' and shot him at point blank range. The thing that saved his life was the belt buckle of his stable belt, most of the buckle went into him in little bits but it took the brunt of the blast. His x-rays from that day are impressive!

Imagine all of the Corps museums and PRI shops that are stacked to the gills with stable belts!

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