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Army Welfare

With Pay 2000 differentiaing between higher and lower pay bands because of issues such as recruitment, retention and responsibilities of the respective trades (etc etc), can anyone tell me how the AWS came to be placed into the higher payband?

This is not sour grapes or a 'dig' - I have a (respected) colleague who has recently transfered into AWS from a lower pay band Corps (mine), who also finds this incredible as one of the reasons for the transfer was for an 'easier life' with less stress/responsibility etc.

Serious, reasoned and informed answers from any AWS types would be welcome.
pioneerbob said:
Can anyone shed any light on the Welfare service?? ;D
Yes. They are much like the SPS types but even lazier. Most were incompetant in their former employment roles. Many still are.

They are in most Garrisons if not all. They are easy to spot....they look like the SIB, but wear 'No-Dad' pullovers over their shirts & ties, instead of jackets. They are just as nosey and they've never got a 'tab' out of their gob.

Well, that's the female variant sorted, now onto the blokes.......

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