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i am thinking about transfering to AWW in the AGC but am curious about the training i will have to do, does anyone have any info?? College, course title, final qualifaction and is the training accompanied or single accomodation???
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1. Visit your local AWW office and get the low down from as junior a Sgt as they have.
2. Transfer paperwork in along with essay about what you would bring to the AWS.
3. CO's interview.
4. Interview with SO2 AWS and senior social worker.
5. Filter board.
6. 1 day event at HQ AWS during which you have group discussion, panel interview and interview 1to1 with a senior social worker or senior AWW.
7. Followed by results. If you are successful you then have six months training to look forward to.

Is it worth it?

I got in and then didn't transfer.

Do I regret it?

Every single day.
You're just after your third, arnt ya!
cheers mate that is really helpful, dont suppose you have any infoon the 6 months training, ie - where, and what is the course that you do??

anyone know when the selection is?? as my rcmo says that the paperwork is not out yet for this year?


There's one bloke in the SIB who went over and ended up coming back. I've no idea why. Those others who made the move however, all seem to enjoy what they are now doing.

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