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Are any of you guys out there in Arrseland a webmaster for official unit pages?  

I've been setting up a page for my unit and have now got logged onto the Army Content Management System and i think it is a bag of balls. Cant edit the templates, file structure is crap, no scope for testing links etc and it takes ages to get pages approved.

Whats the opinion on official  versus unofficial web pages?

Yes its nice to be part of, but when you get get up to 15MB of free space on Yahoo, and can register a domain for as little as £2.50 a year, is it worth the hastle?

Comments please....


I'v had the "pleasure" of using the ACMS a few times and found all the problems you have. Its frustrating to say the least. I believe the rules now say that units are not allowed to register their own domains and run their own sites, may be wrong tho.

In the ACMS's defence, it does quite well what its designed to do, but that doesnt stop it being a pain in the arrse for anyone who has web authoring experience!
Whilew none of the mods are webmasters, there are 2 with particular knowledge on these matters from a policy point of view.

I'm sure they will be in touch by PM if they think that they can help.
Have you got a link you can PM over for the ACMS?

Have just seen what the media luvvies tasked to our Div have done, and frankly, tis a big bag o' pantz.......


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Last I heard was that there was a DCI sent out about this very issue over 18 months ago.  This DCI is now out of date though.

If you want a sane answer try Army Recruiting group at Upavon - they will be more than able to fill you in on the ins and outs of registering your own unit site ;D ;D ;D
Well I'm a Regimental Webmaster and I totally agree with HVM_Boy's comments which started this thread. I'm nearly 20 months in post and did start trying to use the ACMS initially but got so frustrated with it that in the end we (Regimental Col) declared UDI and set up our own Regimental web site. (Sitting at about 15k hits so far) plus we have our very own "cyber recruits" who have either passed out or are in Trg.

As for our Regimental site on the Army site - its so out of date that despite numerous attempts to contact the ACMS administrators (to get passwords etc so I can update it) I get no replies to emails or the person I need to talk to isn't here - ring back later... errrr!

My advice to HVM_Boy is go for it your self - set up your own site and domain name but read the DCI anyway (eventhough it may be out of date), it will give you the rules about your domain name etc. e.g.

Wouldn't it be great if the servers used by the MoD could be used by us webmasters as ISPs instead of having to pay civi ISPs firms out of Regt funds. Funny how the civi firms manage to do it OK without an ACMS but MoD with all its money can't.

I would love to see a reply from someone in the ACMS world on this thread but then again...
Having just finished a tour with the Army's strategic information security unit, could I sound a huge note of caution here.  Your existing website could already have been identified as vulnerable / exploitable but  there is a strong possibility that the G2 staff may not have got round to telling you, especially if it is not an official one.

The Army website was defaced over 2 years ago for precisely the reason that it was NOT hosted by an official domain.  The same applied to the official Labour Party site last week: see NAFFI bar below or

Over the past 9 months I have pointed out to some individuals and mods on arrse, several instances were web presence leads directly to exploitable target information on arrse members and by default their families.

The threat of cybervandalism, journalists who frequent this site, identity theft, and stalking for women and grooming for cadets, is all proabaly greater than the threat of terrorism.
[ at the moment]

But there needs to be a health and safety warning, consider that you may be implicating others as well as yourself.

If you really have to go this way and the G / J 6 Borg continue to remain as inflexible as ever, you should check that:
  • The server hosting your presence is kept up to date for hot fixes and patches
    few are
  • You page is fully clamped down
  • Personality data sanitised or individuals given an additional security brief
  • There is some form of intrusion detection that is monitored
    an obstacle should be covered by fire

if you want to find out a bit more before you commit you can:

If its too late and you have already gone and done it:
PM me an I'll see if someone is free to Vulnerability Assess your site,
You as the data owner sign to authorise this first under RIPA 2000  

I am also in touch with a company that will insure your domain against hacking.  If you have not thought about any of the above they are unlikley to even give you a quote. ;)

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