Army Warriors American Football

If its not a recognised sport, what happens when/if you get injured then??
You would be surprised at the number of sports that aren't approved!!!

With regards insurance, it will be the individuals responsibility to have personal insurance (pax will cover you - I received £750 for a broken arm!!).

The training events and matches will be approved by the Army Sports Board so personnel will be ok to participate. I just need to inform the ASB every time I plan an event.

As long as I have the approval prior to events then everything should be above board, in the unlikely event of injury etc!!
American football? Rugby with a risk assessment.
Very good...very good!

But in all seriousness...I would appreciate it if readers of this forum would circulate the info as much as possible.

Flyers will be out to most units in the next couple of weeks and a small piece in soldier magazine too!!

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