Army warned by own lawyers over ban on women in the infantry

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BuggerAll, Sep 28, 2008.

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  1. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

  2. Proof positive that the lunatics have taken over the asylum.
  3. Ah, this old chestnut again.
  4. Intresting to see that the mention of 'combat effectiveness' rears it's head at the end of the article.
    Or in laymans 'common dog'.
    Do they really think that having wimmin in the infantry role is going to be any benefit what-so-ever to the units who will have to live with any new legislation?I doubt the notion has even crossed the minds of those who must be obeyed.
    And as for pulling out of the EU to get rid of the HRA,we should be invaiding those cnunts and sacking they're capital cities as a reminder of why they are there in the first place.

  5. They'll be giving us the vote next.

    The horror, the horror. :cry:
  6. and really whats wrong with that. Women should have the chance at doing every job, its 2008 FFS. BUT apply the same rules, nothing gender specific, no watering down of standards.
    I doubt standards need to be watered down, the problem is more with the (male) soldier trying to treat another soldier as a girl, which creates the 'women shouldn't be in the infantry' argument.
    As an exTA Infantryman, biggest problem I had - was watching the babe in fronts butt instead of my arcs and one of my soldiers picking up used tampons during an area sweep (he wasn't the brightest spark)
  7. Should common sense not prevail here?
  8. Put the Lawyers in the infantry...on operations, then let them talk about "wimmins human rights"
  9. Common sense in a thread with the word 'lawyer' in the title?
  10. Yes,its 2008,and the British infantry has been wiping the floor with johnny bad breath for hundreds of years without the need for dorris' in the ranks.
    So what has changed?The square root of f*ck all.

    It is needless and intrusive meddling by c*nts who have never so much as seen a shell scrape,let alone dug one.

    I suggest you re-read your own post.
  11. Indeed. The Brig (lawyer) appears to also be advocating that we shouldn't ban pregnant women from operational theatres as well, unless I'm misreading things. Bonkers.

    I refuse to get hot and bothered until someone in the real CoC looks like taking it seriously.

    Rats Out.
  12. If you take into account the just how far the rules and standards are watered down in the areas where women are already allowed to serve (which never seems to get much of a mention), I think its a safe conclusion to say it would happen in the teeth arms as well.
  13. Reading it I don't think hes saying anything other than warning the army that it might get taking to court due to legislation. He's not saying the what the army should or should not be doing.
  14. Let them in!! Haven't you seen Starship Troopers? :twisted:
  15. Forget the bollocks that its 2008, and that women have had the vote blah blah blah, bullshoite.

    Women can do many jobs in the armed forces, but reality is, the infantry role is for men, for so many reasons.
    Forget that there are some right butch bulldog lezzers out there, and think of the realities of the job.
    Butch and lezzer or not, you still have your "wimmins " problems, and you cant just nip out of an OP to go change your wadding, for one.
    Let alone the nasty buisness of what the infantry are there for, women just dont have the mental ability to do the job full stop, and that doesnt mean you lot are stupid, just not the right mind set.
    The list is endless as to why its a male dominated role, and should stay as such, but common bleedin sense should say, no, just no.

    Saying that, having one available to warm the chilly bits on a 72 hour lurk would make a nice change to stag bag rotation.