army wallpapers?

Saw the subject and thought that soemone was finally going to take the blame for the bloody awful decorations that were found in quarters from 1960 - present (and the Gateway). :D


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Those defence images are great from page 67

The description of this vehicle.....

The Spartan Armoured Personnel Carrier was on show at the Vehicle Study Day at Salisbury Plain. Spartan is a derivative of the CVR (T) vehicle (Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance tracked). Spartan is used by specialist troops which can include Mortar Fire Control Teams, anti aircraft teams equipped with HVM, or as Engineer Command/Reconnaissance Vehicles. The variant shown was equipped with the new enhanced vehicle protection. Length: 5.12m, Width: 2.24m, Height: 2.26m, Weight: 8.17 tonnes, Max Road Speed: 80.5kph, Engine: Jaguar 4.2 litre. Crew: Commander, driver and 5 crew; Armament: 7.62mm machine gun.

The Jaguar engine was petrol
They changed to Cummins diesel about 4 years ago

Is it to much to ask of the MOD to get it right no wonder Broon dosen't know whose going to the Stan
He probably read it on that website
Sgt_Henno_Garvie said:
This is a good walpaper i had for a while on my computer in work
That would have looked so much better if you'd placed an apostrophe in "Let's", and there are two N's in "Britannia".

Oh and there are two L's in wallpaper, as well.

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