Army Wakeboarding Championships

Its worth going to this just for the excuse not to be in work. Few people from my unit went last year, didnt even know what a wake board was 1 came back noice womans winner!
I attended one of these things and its was gleeming. Didnt even know how to wakeboard when i got there and left pretty good at it. Great instructors, great place!


Book Reviewer
Hi there, im the new WebMaster for the Army Wakeboarding team, the new site is:

Army Wakeboarding | The Army Wakeboarding Team

If you would like more details and or information please use the contact info on the website.

If you need a site making for another off-shoot for the army, please let me know :)

Thanks again.

Rowan Crossley
Hi Rowan and thanks for your post. Is there any sex involved in Wakeboarding?

Thanks. Again.


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