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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Jensen, May 11, 2008.

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  1. Anyone know what they are these days after tax etc? My recruiter gave me a form dated Aug 07 and said "Oh they've changed since this though..." then pencilled in a few random numbers and said "I can't be sure but I think that's right". Anyone know, for new recruits etc monthly wage.
  2. £13,012.80 per annum.
    £1,084.40 per month.
    Approx £750 in your hand per month before you pay for food and accm etc

  3. SO.................its not £750 in the hand then????????
  4. Why can't you go onto the army website, it has all of this information on there.

    This must be a regular member on a windup?
  5. Well my current civvy job im on 12669 per year, and i come out with more than 850 a month after tax
  6. £13,012.80 per annum.
    £1,084.40 per month.
    Approx £750 in your hand per month before you pay for food and accm etc

    yer but that is as a recruit as it says on the army website once you are promoted to private after basic training and trade training i think then you earn up to 15,000+ (higher rank mean more money)
  7. Promoted from what??? :?

    there are people dribbling utter S4ite on here lately!
  8. It says on the form something such as

    New Entrant £____
    Private Level 1 £____
    Private Level 2 £____
    Private Level 3 £____


  9. You should get paid based on your IQ.

    You already owe the Army 10 grand.
  10. Rank From Rising To
    New Entrant £13,012.80
    Private £16,226.76 - £25,181.88
    Lance Corporal £19,628.52 - £27,599.28
    Corporal £25,181.88 - £31,645.56
    Sergeant £28,622.64 - £35,218.80
    Staff Sergeant £31,684.56 - £40,096.68
    Warrant Officer Class 2 £34,379.16 - £41,248.80
    Warrant Officer Class 1 £36,812.16 - £44,587.80

    you get promoted from new entry to private
  11. WTF? :roll:
  12. Do you honestly think he will make it past the recruiting stage let alone anything else. If it needs to ask so many stupid questions then I think not. :x Then again this could all just be a WAH.

  13. Thats doesn't mean your rank changes, it's a pay scale!
  14. I'm not even going to entertain these joning up threads any more, they just wind me up!
  15. Assuming you dont have anything like a pension or student loan deductions to take off,

    Just over £13k gives you
    £888.82 a month after tax (before food and shelter is taken off)