army vs RAF

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by us_versus_them, Sep 9, 2009.

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  1. i have a choice, fight for a place in the RAF as a pti, or join the army with the royal anglians and fight for pti there......
    ive been in the army before so i know what im in for sort of thing, but life is boring and i need action.
    il be qualified next year with everything i need to reach pti, apart from being at county level for 2 sports......
    what would you choose? 8)
  2. Are you actually asking this question on the ARmy Rumour SErvice? WAH.
  3. Seen as you couldn’t hack it the first time (my feet hurt) :wink:

    Stay Civvie and join the RAF :D
  4. Depends on which service has the better mirrors, you seem to have the intellect of a PTI so well done, half way there.
  5. you are a regular tit arent you :roll:
  6. The RAF don’t get blisters as their boots are seal skin lined you should join them. Just out of interest how long did you last in phase 1 last time before you were SNLR?
  7. ..And your'll make a wonderful PTI :D
  8. I am certainly regular (I go every day) and indeed I do have moobs. Therefore you are factually correct.

    However, I don’t cry because of hotspots on my feet :wink:
  9. just did basic training then left, biggest mistake ever. but now ive worked fuckin hard since then and don't want to waste any opportunities. my heart is with the royal anglians but im thinkin better money and possibly a better lifestyle in the RAF.
    civvie street is wank lol
  10. i'll put a hotspot on ur face in a minute lol :x
  11. Then your f*cking bleeding soft heart isn’t with the 'pickets' then is it :roll: :roll:
  12. Aww bless. We have now found the hardest man on the internet. Someone phone Norris McWhirter...
  13. Far be it for me to criticise your selection of trade, but you are aware that PTIs wear boots while they take the squad on CFTs?

    Would you be better off as a Diver?
  14. you are a sentimental one arent you :eek:
  15. This guy seems to have an opinion about most people on here, yet asks for advice ?