Army Vs Navy

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by easesprings, Jan 25, 2008.

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  1. So having my Army Navy Cherry finally popped this year. Tickets and Accomodation already booked, and leave Chit signed!!!

    How do you get passes to go in to the relevant Arms Tents at the Ground as an Infanteer would like access to this den of debauchery.

    Any one else around for my cherry popping session
  2. Unfortunately my Rugby Club are touring the weekend of the match, so I won't be there :(

    To get into the various bars you will need a wristband. These can be purchased from the relevant corps PRI I think? Or try and find someone with spares.
  3. OK Cheers any ideas on the Inf PRI
  4. Usually swingers are available from your Rugby Secretary when you order tickets from them. ie buy match tickets from the RLC Rugby Secretary, swingers are £2 each and get you entry into the Corps Tent. Pretty much the same for most Arms and Corps.
  5. Anybody know of any hotels b&b's for two they would recommend? I need to park one car as well! I have heard ST Giles hotel is ok/best!
  6. St Giles hotel is in Feltham, a stones throw up the road. Never stayed there though?
  7. cheers!
  8. Fcuk it just sleep where you drop :puker: :pukel: :D
  9. Or where you get dropped!!
  10. You definetly aint coming near my cherry if you're going to be like that 8O 8O
  11. Go to the Church! (Not that I recommend sleeping in Camden mind)
  12. Yeah, the sawdust is quite comfy :wink:
  13. Will be there sunday at somepoint
  14. ok just a quick question, how can I get hold of a wrist band to get into the Navy tents (without having to actually join up).

    We are taking friends who are ex Navy and we are Army, anyone got any contacts??
  15. So ok, where is the best /nearest/value for money.............hotel/B & B near Twickers??