Army vs Navy

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by orificecadet, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. Is there going to be an air corps tent at the rugby next month?
  2. It's up in the air at the moment mate!

  3. There will be a touchdown eventually
  4. Is it true that Faye Turney is the navy front Row?
  5. She's all of it!
  6. No, she's the hooker
  7. Guys, I think you will find there is an AAC bar with no limit to the amount of numbers. A well known former CRSM at Winchester has all the details.
    Out of respect for LgSm Turney and her colleagues, I think an understated approach would show how mature we all can be. Something like every Army supporter waving a white flag just before kick off would be appropriate.
  8. WTF is a LgSm???? :roll:
  9. Large gay surrendering matelot.... At a guess!!!
  10. Hey ho matelot, I will rise to your feeble attempt to rescue an irrecoverable situation. LS Turney. I realise you may think that the little victories count however you will need fcuk of a lot of them to even out that own goal.
  11. Don't you dare put the RN in the same category as that oik. She's only an Acting Leading Hand anyway. And her, and that fcukwit of an OM 'Mr Bean' Batchelor are a fcuking disgrace to the RN...
  12. Does anyone know what bar we are in this year?
  13. Are you HRH Prince William?

    Mate you've blown it.
  14. Matelot, it's called "Guilt by association."!
  15. There is definately a Corps Bar this year! have got me ticket and tag thing for the bar ready! dont know of the location-for the last 3 or 4 years it has been in the same place.just get minging-arrive at the ground and look for the signs! thats what i do everyear!!!! :D