Army vs Navy

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BlueDZ, May 7, 2011.

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  1. Well done to our Red shirted brothers, however instead of going on about the usual I wanted to pose this important question: Did anyone see that fit Navy chick get her dress pulled down revealing those fantastic breasts just before half time? Sky sports were too slow panning away! Well done that man! Furthermore what are your funny recollections of past Army Navy or other sporting events?
  2. Photos anyone?
  3. Unfortunately I am stuck in the middle of the North Sea.

    Score anyone?

  4. Army 44 - Navy 10
  5. It was fantastic! My wife, daughters and their boyfriend all missed her, but the streaker made up for it - as I had promised there would be one and he certainly didn't disappoint us. Plus the score - what a turnaround from 10 - 0 down.
  6. Score was Army 44 : RN 10!
  7. Thank F%%K for that.

    I dont think I could have taken the slagging from the ex Andrew on here.

  8. I think the only disappointing thing for those of us that couldn't make it was the lack of half time coverage by SS1, when did the streaker make his/her appearance? No Zorro this year?
  9. Obviously not found their land legs
  10. Wankers from Sky subbed the highlights on SS 4 last night for some crap tennis,anybody any idea if they're going to show them at another time?
  11. The bird who got the dress pulled down ducked pretty sharpish, if you saw her norks then you were fecking quick.

    Didn't see a streaker? You a couple of knobs from the Navy stand running around with a 'NAVY' poster

    There was, however, an extremely rotund bloke in the South stand wearing a lime grenn mankini with his nuts hanging for the ladies methinks!

    Stewards made him go and get dressed.

    Apart from that a decisive pounding for the Rum Bum and Baccy boys!
  12. I missed this years game thanks to a late shift but I did have the pleasure of pulling over with with a coach full of Matelot's on the M3 with broken windscreen wipers, out of which popped a bloke dressed in a luminous pink lycra all in one number with luminous green leg warmers, wrist bands and sweat band. He had more Hi-viz on than I did FFS. He had the name Dutchy on his back and was trying to help despite being totally bladdered bless him.

    Also a great time parked up at Fleet services watching the annual meyhem in the lorry park. Nothing can prepare you for seeing a burly squady / matelot dressed in perfect Miss Marples attire - checked skirt & jacket, blouse and hat going for a piss in the woods beside the petrol station?

    As always a good natured crowd despite being totally shit-faced and great entertainment for those of us poor bastards who had to work and miss the fun. One year I'll actually be on rest days or be able to get some bloody leave in!
  13. Highlights on SS4 @ 1030hrs today (Sun)
  14. Thanks for that,just got it in time!
  15. This guy was still doing the rounds on the concourse (getting pictures taken) about 1930/45 ish & i did'nt leave untill 2100...