Army Vs Navy-The Band

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Dukie, Feb 7, 2006.

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  1. Having been to the annual Army Vs. Navy match for the last four or so years I have noticed it is the same band each time. It seems to be quite good as it is made up of kids but what do you think? I hear their coming back this year so it should be good.
  2. Sounds like a wah to me, although I do know a couple of people who have played for that band.
  3. In case this isn't a wah, the band is from the Duke of Yorks school in Kent. The school is (mostly/all) the sons/daughters of service personnel.
  4. What the hell is a WAH?! So do you think its good? Or would you prefer a more military band? Do you think the pieces are good?
  5. Christ- it's only a band playing music while the serious stuff goes on the Bars! Perhaps you'd like a conjuror and a steel band instead!!!, or how about a troup of mini-skirted kazoo players?!
  6. Mmm - mini-skirted kazzoo players. Now there's a thought!
  7. Keeping with the Army v. Navy theme, we could have the Massed Bands of the Guards and Royal Marines competing against each other and decide the winner on a clap-o-meter!
  8. Right. So your Avatar is a badge with the words "Duke of Yorks Royal Military School" on it. Your Username is "Dukie". You are asking questions about a band that you have "noticed" who happen to be the band of the Duke of Yorks Royal Military School.

    What's the game, pal?
  9. ROS

    ROS Clanker

  10. Is there a band there?
  11. I go to watch the fcukin match.
  12. the army rugby team and the navy rugby team seam to meet at the same venue roughly the same time each may and contest a rugby game on the pitch. the event is called the army/navy, now dukie this seems to be way too coincidental to be naturally occuring, i think it is organised. the band who come on the pitch at halftime needn't bother, the ground empties at half time apart from mums and dads watching the kids playing touch rugby and those who are the substitues warming up.

    i'm sure you'll get the feedback you're hankering for somewhere but this has got to be the worst place in the world to even try.

    the word 'wah' was introduced into the Collins English Dictionary early last year, it was voted in on the same day that the word 'gullible' was removed.

    The Duke of Cambridge is the only Duke that will have any interest paid to it.