army vs navy doctor - advice please

Hiya, I am looking into applying for a cadetship as a medical student and have been on the relevant acquaint visits and done my best to check them all out. I'm struggling to decide between the Navy and Army, other people I have met seem to know naturally which suits them. Do you guys have any insights as to what its really like, and whether you would make the same choice if you had your time again? Any advice or insight would be hugely appreciated.
Many years since I took up my Army cadetship ...about 16 1/2! ... but I haven't regretted it for a moment ... been all over the place, met some great people, did my GP trg (eventually - but they've tightened up on that now -- better professionally by far but just maybe less fun..) and might even have helped a few people. I never really looked at the other Services but I would guess that whilst you are still in trg there is probably little to choose between them (trying v hard not to make trite comments about polyester content of uniforms!) -- but I can thoroughly recommend life in green.

Good luck with what ever you choose
Speaking to a few people it sounds as if you get moved around a bit more as a Dr in the Army than you would in the Navy, does this sound about right? I gather in the Army Drs look after families as well as soldiers, but that they're the only force that does this ... is this right? Apologies for the seemingly random questions but am just trying to get more of a feel for the differences before I commit 10-12 yrs to one of them.

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