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I know there are people out there who have experienced this type of shit, i'd like to hear from you or anyone else that has anything useful to add.... I appologise in advance for this bitching however this is what arrse is for and something useful should come of it if not least awearness for those it may affect...

Ex TA royal signals, Ex royal marines. Was MD'd from marines with 1 week left. one year on since injury occured im outside and healed up, looking to get into the army somehow, a keen well trained professional looking to continue a carrer cut short... these are my difficulties...

The AFCO dosen't know how to process me or what because I on from a naval system.
Although not a trained rank within the marines at week 30 you are considered basic trained at week 15 and infantry trained at 22. Im told they can only really treat me as a scrote off the street and not a rejoin as there is no real way of deciphering to what level im trained on paper, although the Sgt down the AFCO knows exactlly to what level im trained and would quite happily go to war with me and is also fed up banging his head against a wall with broken bootnecks in a situation like this which isn't there fault.

The local TA unit up the road seems to say we can either process you as an ex marine rejoin to TA service in which case we just blag you in and if you crack your ITD's then we'll f**k training off if you pass them (however it will take ages because we have to talk to the navy), or if we process you as ex TA signals you have to do our phase 2 TA infantry irellevant of naval service since we cant process you as both. But then you can "volunterily mobilise and sort of carry that on" (nothing to solid there)

And the local TA signals unit says, we'll have you back with valid medical certificates (great but there is no current deployments or S-types that they are supporting so nothing full time)

I'll get my coat.............? :twisted:


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(apologies for shouting!!!)
Until a Booty comes along with a fully qualified suggestion;

why don't you sign up with the Corps again? Seems a shame to waste 30 weeks. If you fitted in, hacked the training to week 30 and impressed the Staff at Lympestone they would have been as gutted as you to see you go outside on a medical before you passed out. Or is there something else?

fair point mate, no there isn't anything else. a lot of lads get binned often and throughout trg, yes it is always a pity to see someone at that stage get binned and the staff down there do there best for us but hey the'l be anothor nod tomorow, I know lads who have been binned after two years in rehabilition and the staff are sad to see em go myself included. (if it was "anything else" wouldve bin seen within the first 10 weeks eh!?)

Going back to do 30 weeks training is not on the cards or I would. the injury wouldn't hold up to it, could just about get away with infantry phys, dnt want to risk commando course yet, and then you have to think of life in a unit and the degeneration it would suffer there where phys is harder than in training. RMR says they'll run me through tests if a physio gives it a tick in the box as fit enough.

Still leaves the problem of how to join the army as quicklyas possible and with minimal bullshit.

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