Army vs Navy 2010 - Gunner Bar

Dear all,
This year's application form can be downloaded from
and chains of command will be emailed shortly. We're sharing again with the Inf but the allocation of tickets and wristbands has not increased from last year. Spread the word for those outside the Gunner 'footprint' but please book early to avoid disappointment. Last year was sold out with five weeks to spare....

He He,
Yet another anihalation of the matelots imminent..:)


Very well if your looking for a web hosting service. Not sure what it has to do with rugby but I always thought you gunners acted in strange ways.

Could it be code.
Having got in early to secure a wrist band to the Gunner bar my work have decided I am indispensible on the 1st May 2010 and will therefore be unable to go to Twickers. :(

If anyone needs a ticket or wrist band to the Gunner bar then PM me.


i like the replica polo shirts. can they be bought online too, or just at the Gunnerbar?
I saw the match yesterday - a first for me! What was a lacklustre match with only the occasional burst of action, was punctuated by some streaking genius! Zorro was a legend and apparently was seen at Clapham Junction and was well received! The first streaker was genius - running around the top tier with stretches and the pink (not putty coloured) pants to keep him out of trouble! Haven’t laughed so much in a long time!!

Well done to Crouch and Hold - an excellent bar as usual! Looking forward to next year!

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