Army vs Navy 2007 - Int Corps Beer Tent

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by ICRFU_SKIP, Feb 8, 2007.

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  1. ARMY vs NAVY - Sat 05 May 07

    Full steam ahead for the planning for the Int Corps mass exodus to Kneller Hall for this years Babcock Trophy. The Corps RFU are running the tent again - which this year is going to be bigger and better :thumright: !!

    We have secured a block booking for 450 tickets and the breakdown of costs are as follows:

    Tickets: £10/ 20 (junior/ adult)
    Beer tent access ticket: £2.00

    Same location as last year, with the tent open from 1000hrs - fallover. We have chefs this year so BBQ food will be sold within (Kneller Hall permitting). Past/ present/ affiliate personnel will be granted access to the tent with purchased passes. Beer prices etc will be the same as last year.

    I'm in the process of allocating POCs for Bn/ Coy units and they'll be cracking on with advertising and gathering ticket orders through the Corps RFU.

    Any issues/ dramas PM me.
  2. Forgot to mention...........

    Any ideas on the event (serious ones) crack on..................
  3. Secure as many portaloos as possible obviously!

    Same detail as last time, Int Corps Rugby shirts on sale.

    Some Int Corps Rugby awards ceremony and a rugby game held at the beer tent.

    Some port would go down a treat.
  4. Tug of War? Or is that limited to Corps Day?

    A line out competition with various prizes including a bottle of port, a large German sausage, a LARGE steak etc....

    A BBQ!!!

    Health and safety will probably jump on this like flies on a Frenchperson... :shakefist:
  5. Risk assessments are being written as you speak - the way i see it, if an assessment is written and not seen by anyone - it should all be hunky dory!!! 'Risk detailed in assessment, so we knew about!!' - job done!!

    Portaloos and bog roll on order!
  6. How about some music? (of the non-Kneller Hall variety). Borrow some speakers from a QM and then hook them up to a PC thats got plenty of downloaded music on it. There are more than enough techno-geeks around who could put it together.

    I 2nd g2 loony bin - some port would be great. How's about some appelkorn as well?

    Oh, and no rain this year please....... :thumright:
  7. Any update on who is selling tickets here at Chicksands? I've only been to twickenham once for this fixture so the next question might be stupid to some out there, but I was thinking of bringing my son (6) along, can he get into the tent as well? I am just checking cause I know there are childrens tickets available for the game.
  8. he might be allowed, is he ginger too? :threaten:
  9. Fortunately he managed to get his mum's hair colour. I had no luck though, both my parents were cursed.
  10. Guess that will be you and me sat outside Corps area the GS. Hopefully someone may take pity and pass the odd drink to us.
  11. I can send my son to the bar for us. I just hope that I can get to take him, he loves big sporting events. I am taking him to a Rangers UEFA cup football match at Ibrox in a few weeks.
  12. Double standards there GS. Not serving those in the S&S who are not yet 18, but then sending your 6 yr old to the bar. Shame on you. :shakefist:
  13. Is that not what the Corps is built upon????

    Not to be taken literally. JOKE
  14. Yes I know! :blank:
  15. GS - Info will be published on orders and on flyers around Chix next week. There are two executive coaches (ie with toilets) and it is expected that children will be going - hence family allocation will be considered when loading said buses with (or rather not with )drunken squaddies/ matelots.