Army vs Navy '11 AMS Bar.

Hey guys,
Could anyone PM me some contact details for who deals with the AMS tickets allocation, please! Im out on herrick at the momment away from my regt and have hit a brick wall trying to get the info from my regt back in the UK, no surprise there!!!!
I organised tickets last year for my sqn and have taken up the duty again this year (i'm a PSI for a small TA sqn) but without my dii account i cant find his details!

Any help would be awesome!


Still waiting for the info, but it will be posted when it becomes common knowledge for those of us now without access to dii! (Whatever that is!)
Still waiting for the info, but it will be posted when it becomes common knowledge for those of us now without access to dii! (Whatever that is!)
Is it similar to a Wii?
Who's the number for? I've not seen/heard any details, so may have to ring that number!
Ok, below is the detail from this year's calling notice, name and address obviously removed! Phone the telephone number for that info, he's a very nice man and no it's not me anymore!!!
Telephone: 01276 412753 Mil:94261 2753


1. Formations and units are requested to disseminate the following information to all sub units and their personnel.

2. The undersigned holds the AMS allocation of Army v Navy tickets with AMS bar entry wristbands. Units and individuals who wishing to purchase are to send a cheque with covering letter to the above address. Please note that applications by any other means will NOT be accepted, although general telephone and e mail enquires are welcome.

3. The following points will apply:

• Applications must be in writing and include a full postal address, contact mobile number and contact e mail address.

• Tickets are £25 (for W/E stand seats) and £23 (for N stand seats). The price of the AMS bar entry wristband and postage is included and all prices remain the same as the last three years. Those personnel who request W/E stand tickets will receive a payment rebate if issued with the cheaper N stand tickets due to W/E stand non-availability.

• Tickets payment is by cheque only and it must be cleared before tickets and bar wristbands are forwarded. Cheques are to be made payable to ‘AMS RFC’, consolidated payment cheques are much preferred.

• Tickets will be sold on a ‘first come first served’ basis, although major units will be initially limited to 80 tickets and wristbands, this equates to approximately two coach parties and allows fair distribution.

• Family/children’s tickets must be purchased direct from the ARU; these do not include AMS bar wristbands. Their email address is Army Rugby Union (ARU) official site and gives full details. In addition, car/coach parking passes can be purchased from the ARU.

• This year’s allocated AMS Bar is Twickenham Stadium’s ‘Scrum Bar’ and is in the NE corner of the stadium infrastructure. We are sharing with the RAPTC; although they will form only 10% of the overall bar allocation. Please note that children UNDER 14 are not permitted in any of the Corps bars.

4. Tickets will remain on sale until sold out, Last year’s allocation totally sold out in around 3 weeks and previous uptake figures indicate great popularity So Early Action Is Highly Recommended To Avoid Disappointment.

5. Ticket bids are considered secure once cheques are received and cleared. Due to the fact that I am away during the period 12-30 Mar, Tickets will not be despatched until around 08 Apr (leaving 4 weeks for postal delivery)

6. Top Tips Get your cheques in early to avoid disappointment – Don’t leave it till the last minute - Act early and ensure you include the information in Para 3 -. Try to consolidate requests for ease of management and despatch.

Be quick 'cos units now have their copy of this!
Just spoke to 'The Man' and he says the tickets/wristbands are flying off the shelf...even quicker than last year! Don't delay!

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