Army videos that wind you up the most

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bwtsninja, Sep 15, 2009.

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  1. Up there with you, I was in Belfast as well at the time and heard the call to stay back over the net. Furious with top bods at the time as we wanted to get in and get the lads out. Dark thoughts all round whenever we went out after that.
    Wanted to shoot the fecking lot of em!
  2. I remember this like it was yesterday.Seeing those images brings it all right back.Very dark days.
  3. i cant watch you tube on the work computer ...gutted
  4. Sharkie,they are images you may have seen before.Still very raw for some of us.
  5. Remember watching the footage at 11 Sigs on the Troop Telly 2 days before we passed off. Was a sad day for the Corp. Poor buggers what a shite way to go.
  6. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    An interesting point of view. I was also there at the time, and at the immediate time of the incident it was not realised that they were soldiers. Michael Stone had attacked a PIRA funeral previously, and it was thought they were a couple of PPMs.
    i was at the depot in Ballymena tormenting the QM in the officers mess..
    he pointed at the tv and stated what the f-ck is going on there..

  8. Wasn't around at the time, but wow, you know I kinda wish you lot shot the fuc.kers. I hope the cnuts that did that, and all who support them burn in hell.
  9. Isnt or wasnt one of those bastards Gerry Adams body guard.

  10. Terrence Clarke. I think he's dead now.
  11. He sure is. :lol:

    Thanks for that Mister C. :D
  12. I remember watching it as a kid i hope the provo cnut suffered before he snuffed it
  13. I happened to mention the video to a girl I know, bear in mind this is in SA..
    Apparently I am a racist Nazi and should go join Hitler.
    Apparently the IRA was the only hope of salvation and peace for the Irish and also, according to her, the British oppresed the Irish.
    Now this from a 14 year old SOUTH AFRICAN girl, who, and I quote,
    Now I don't pretend to know everything that happened, but I've read enough to know that the IRA were responsible for MANY attrocities against irishmen, especially Protestants.

    What really angers me, is when people call me a racist bastard, and then set about on a tirade about how the IRA are heroes, completely without facts, and attacking me personally, because I'm proud of the fact that my Passport says I am a Citizen of the United Kingdom, if someone want's to debate the finer points of NI history, let them, but when their sole source of knowledge is being "Irish Royalty"....

    She deleted me after my reply

    I know I shouldnt get worked up, and that I'm likely to get done over by you guys, but It's close to my heart, especially after seeing that video, the worst thing is that ignorant people claim all this knowledge due to some little Irish connection.
  14. Looks like it was cancer so the chances are he did. :D