Army Veterans Facing murder charges over Bloody Sunday within two weeks

As @LEGZ30 has already noted, you say you want your argument to be challenged with facts, then when someone challenges it you get huffy and tell them to put you on ignore. You need to make up your mind.

Or could it be you just want to have your say and not have it challenged? Perish the thought.

Regardless, your biased opinion on Northern Ireland is not something I can leave unanswered.
When someone presents relevant facts I will happily debate them.
When someone presents relevant facts I will happily debate them.
You mean like Dingerr did?

When someone presents a biased account of the cause and course of the troubles, completely missing out the role of the republican terrorists*, I will refute it.

*Not to say it was all down to the republicans by a long shot.
Plastic Explosives (including Semtex) can exude it’s plasticiser, it doesn’t reduce the effectiveness of the item.
What a ridiculous post, not least because if the Afghanistan guy is who I think it is (Andy S?) he was murdered in his sleep by having a rock dropped on his head.

The events of Bloody Sunday have been gone over and over and over. In many ways, this thread is a nonsense because if Soldier F has a day of reckoning coming, it'll be in the courts and not on a web forum. The rest is just bumping gums.

I wasn't there; I was two years old when it happened. Some of those on ARRSE were; many, many of us weren't. I have though heard accounts from my father of his tour the following year and it was pretty harrowing.

Back in the day the IRA would still put out fighting patrols. At one stage my father got separated from his patrol, and was down to two rounds. It was one more for them and then gun under the chin and the last one for himself because he had seen what happened to those whom the Republicans got their hands on and wasn't going to suffer that fate.

Equally, he recalls being appalled at finding a young lad in a back alley who'd been given such a kicking that his intestines had come out of his backside. His crime? Being a Catholic (and no, it wasn't British troops who'd done it).

The Northern Ireland of the time was a desperate, horrible place. My father at least managed to retain a level opinion. Years later, when I was old enough to ask properly, I questioned him about what went on. He had rather more sympathy for the Catholic population than I'd ever expected. People forget that the Catholics were very much second-class citizens. They couldn't get jobs, decent housing and so on. Indeed, as an apprentice soldier I was taught how the first troops to deploy (Anglians) were there to protect the Catholic population.

But I guess none of that fits with the current revisionist push: all British soldiers were occupation forces and murderers, all Republicans freedom fighters. Many British soldiers, a good number of whom had seen action all over the world at that stage, remained empathetic individuals with families of their own. Had my father topped himself, he'd have left a widow and a toddler. Had I eventually learned the circumstances, I'd have understood.

My father did Claret operations in Borneo, losing a friend, and numerous other things. Even he remained troubled by what he saw in Northern Ireland. So-called 'hardened killers' were sickened by the realities of sectarian violence. As am I; but before we start flag-waving and singing songs, let's talk about The Disappeared and many other atrocities. On the other side, just as an example, you have the Shankill Butchers - and be clear I have no more sympathy for Unionist gangsters and criminals than I do for their Republican counterparts.

There were scum on both sides, and many young squaddies, despite the rhetoric, were just young lads pressed into a very shitty policing job.

All that said, it is very, VERY easy to hold forth on a forum such as this. It is very, very easy, with the safety of distance and a keyboard, to state how 'I'd have done differently if it were me'.

You simply don't know, and some of you should be ashamed of the hyperbole that you've indulged in.
Thanks, outstanding.
What a ridiculous post, not least because if the Afghanistan guy is who I think it is (Andy S?) he was murdered in his sleep in.
Indeed, or Popski as he was fondly rechristened as the Geordie Training Wing Sgt.Major. couldn't get his strangulated accent around his surname.


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Not your strong point.
Er, no.
It has been fairly conclusively proven that he shot the individuals he is charged with shooting (he is welcome to try denying this of course, not something most briefs would recommend), what the case will hang on is whether he was justified in shooting them.

Do try to keep up.
Were the statement I quoted from your #1601 true, he would be charged with six counts of murder.

I wouldn't condone a single one, yet your use exaggeration and inaccuracy* undermines the truth that most of us wish to uncover.

So much for a lack of agenda.

* I'm being polite folks.
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