Army versus Rozzers shoot-out in Chechnya

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by codbutt, Jun 21, 2007.

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  1. :roll: Five police officers die in shootout in Grozny

    MOSCOW. June 20 (Interfax) - Five persons died and five more were wounded in a shootout involving army servicemen and police officers in Grozny.
    A source in the command of the armed grouping in the North Caucasus told Interfax on the phone that the clash took place in Staropromyslovsky district on Wednesday.
    Traffic police stopped a car with a serviceman of the Zapad (West) battalion of the Defense Ministry behind the wheel and demanded that he take an alcohol breath test.
    The serviceman refused to obey and summoned his friends. The officers in turn called in the OMON riot police. When the reinforcements arrived an exchange of fire began, the source said.
    Five police officers were killed. Five other persons were wounded, and one of them is in intensive care, the source said.
    The command of the armed grouping and Chechen Interior Ministry have yet to officially confirm the report.
  2. It was shooting between (Chechen) police and soldiers from batallion "West" (formed from Chechnes).

    Chechens... Proud people with hot blood... I suppose that the soldiers felt themselves insulted then police stopped their van for routine check.