Army versus Navy 05 May 07

Discussion in 'RLC' started by qman, Apr 19, 2007.

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  1. Just got my ticket and flyer (big excited piss stain on CS95) Anyone know what the dress restrictions are if any? Has DRLC conceded the fact that WO's & SNCO's might like to wear rugby shirts like normal rugby fans as well? Any truth in the rumour that that fat bird from Iran is playing loosehead for the Navy? I don't think I can sleep
  2. Or will she entertain us with a streak 8O
  3. Absolutely no dress restrictions at all this year. We have a free reign again.................
  4. Go on tell me, is the Flyer is Agressive Salmon again!?
  5. No, Luminous yellow this year.
    I have mine in my grubby paws right now.
  6. Feck......................That would wake Scooby up!
    And put me off my beer!
  7. I just took delivery of a dozen tickets and swingers - and had a little sex wee in my pants. I can feel the quickening.
  8. I've worked up into a frenzy now and a little bit of poop as just popped out..........I reckon it's the advance party!
  9. Just checked the bank account due to all the excitement, and see that my cheque has been cashed.

    The tickets + swingers are on their way and our road trip draws a little closer. Time to brush off my blazer and tie.........yeah right.
  10. Just read the GRO regarding conduct at the game and it states,"The Police will issue an £80 fixed penalty notice to anybody caught urinating in a public place" Have my pants now been classified as public? And what about the Public Toilets? what about if I pi55 my pants in the public toilets?

    Nothing about Shi77ing in public though....................
  11. Arrived today :dance:

    Best incontinence trousers on and a sign made saying ' please send home to this address if found pisshed'
  12. The only reason the Iranians released the fat chick was because it was costing them a fortune in fags.
  13. I put my flyer on my wrist and proudly wore it Twickers at the weekend only to be told to "Feck Off" and "no I couldn't start a queue". These people have no concept, they really don't
  14. You should try it at the Astoria on a Monday night. Its just the right colour for entry to the VIP romper room on "Pink pounder" night......................Or so i heard.
  15. I will no doubt be sporting my best "map of Africa" in silent (monged) hommage to those proud 51-64 days. :drunken: :puker: