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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bjsr2, Sep 17, 2004.

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  1. Why do Army vehicles have thier headlights on during the day?

    Why do they have black and silver plates on things like Land Rovers,
    lorries, etc? and white/yellow plates normal colours on cars, vans, etc?

    Was it true that a quite a few years back, that people in the Army had
    MOD plates on thier own cars? If this was the case, why did they have
    them? and why did they stop having them?

  2. Answers:

    A. We're all blind.

    B. Variety is the spice of life.

    C BFG Plates - withdrawn after the boggies used them instead of Fig 12 Targets.
  3. Why do white dogs have black lips?
  4. Headlights on during the day because they are dark coloured vehicles and it seems that it is difficult to see an 8 tonne truck on the road so the MTO says.

    I suspect the whole not having MoD plates on your car is a security issue??

  5. Good point, well presented. Why do black people have pink palms?
  6. They tried to steal burning coal?
  7. Must have tried running on it as well then :lol:
  8. why don't you get white dog poo any more ??
  9. Wasn't that the deposit of small Scottie dogs?
  10. i dont know ,but ihaven't seen any since , ooooh ....... 1978 ,
    was it banned ?
  11. No, but dogs stopped eating bones from the butchers - no more massive calcium deposits. God I'm good :D
  12. Up side of BFG plates - took local Police 6 months to trace me

    Downside - Boggies !!!!!!
  13. 'Cos it would be racist an' black dogs with curry-sauce-coloured poo might object.
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    Why doesn't TCH resign out of shame?

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