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Discussion in 'RLC' started by ordinaryforces, Oct 29, 2007.

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  1. hello, I left the corps years ago,but im still very involved in road haulage,I presently run a rseries 500 scania with fridge to holland every week, In my time in there was just bedford rl and tk and not really much else, what im interested to know is , what are you fellas driving these days? also ive seen the term master driver used, what is that? is it based on driving ability or rank,if any of you lads want to know about civvie haulage prior to coming out ill try and get you a few answers
  2. Hello again old timer,
    Master Driver I believe is a Garrison post normally a WO1 who deals with all the driving matters, briefings and new legislation around the Brigade, RLC capbadge.

    I did work on a few knockers when I joined up in 1988 but the RL changed to a Bedford MK, then MJ(with turbo) . There gradually being phased out now so will be left with the Leyland DAF and the new MAN truck coming into transport Rgiments soon. Theres also some good armoured variants going out to the Gulf like the Mastiff and Vector and the Osh Kosh is a good new fuel tanker. Also quite a few other new vehicles in the Army but alas it will be a mad panic to get everyone through familiarisation training for each new vehicle. Maybe worth getting involved with your local association as I used to take my dad to the old RESC association in Retford.

    Being a VM A mech in the REME though i prefer the 513 Warrior Recovery vehicle :D
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Get yourself on here:

  4. iron, i still live over here where most of the lads were glad to see the back of,i stayed because i like it,im a sheepshagger,what im saying here is that there is,nt to many ex forces type of thingys,speaking from a civvies point of view the daf is a good long haul truck, very driver frindly and comfortable, i used to use a 480 superspace before the scania,i,m no fan of the volvo (shite gear linkage) would pull the arm out of you, osh kosh? would that be yank?also are all vehicles diesel now? because everything ran on low octane petrol in my time
  5. msr good to see that theres that sort of support to prepare men for leaving forces life
  6. Yes everything runs on diesel, well until we get called out to a broken down vehicle on exercise to find out it cant run on fumes (the aged old fuel guage dodgey scenario) well it fills the fitter section fridge up. :D

    I might be wrong so will check some vehicle docs tomorrow but believe Osh Kosh might be Dutch for some reason. Most of the work has to be done under warranty still or by civvy fuel experts anyway.

    I take it you mean you live in Germany, I had 12 wonderful years over there.
  7. no iron, norn iron
  8. Iron, Oshkosh tractor is yank the trailers froggy.
  9. Ok mate, wasnt sure myself just saw some certs in the docs I thought wre Dutch inspection. Thanks for correcting me :D

    Get me back on Armour please.
  10. Not until after you take over from me in Mar fella. Bastion heavy B all the way.
  11. Welcome OF, well as a bit of a Support Vehicle expert (thats the new MAN trucks we are getting) ill give you a few details.
    All the 3 services 4t, 8t and 14t trucks are being replaced by MAN designed family of trucks.
    These will be 6t, 9t and 15t trucks. 6t will have 326bhp Euro4 engines with semi-auto gearbox. The 9 and 15t trucks will have 440bhp Euro4 engines and semi-auto boxes. There will be also slightly better x-country variants of the 9 and 15t trucks. These will look the same but have coiled spring suspension and 6 speed auto gearboxes.
    They all have cruise control, air-con and can be fitted with full armour for the cabs and fitted for BOWMAN.
    There will be crane, winch, tail lift (mainly RAF!) and tanker variants. Also coming next year will be the Recovery Variant which will replace the Foden Recovery truck.
    Some of the interior fittings, gearboxes and engines are from the civilian MAN TGA series trucks.
    The 1st 161 have just been delivered to mainly training establishments initially.
    There is a DVD that has just been produced for all 3 Services Units that are getting the vehicles, with a top bloke starring in it.........and Tiff Needell as well! :wink:
  12. hi ch5120, I noticed the coil spring mentioned, as you know that has long gone on the civvie units and trailers, i suppose air suspension is not suitable option for a military scenario,or is it being used on the road going vehicles? as opposed to your off road gear,
  13. The Oshkosh trucks have part-air suspension. In reality nearly all trucks we use are both off and on-road vehicles, not really wholly designed for either.
    The coil spring MAN variant is outstanding x-country, i drove a fuel tanker variant, fully laden around the Millbrook Test track with some truck type journalists and they were very impressed.
  14. CH,

    Are whole fleets being replaced, or will there be the odd Bedford and DAF still dying in units?
  15. Eventually they will all be replaced, but will take a fair few years yet. For instance, the snow plough that sweeps the runways and lucky camps that have them can only be fitted onto 4t trucks, and at moment wont fit on a MAN vehicles. The tail lift MAN variant will take longer to enter service so yes, there will be the odd Bedford and DAF's soldiering on! But im afraid its whole fleet management all the way with Support Vehicle.