Army vehicle mechanic - qualifications advice needed

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by danadams0000, Sep 22, 2012.

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  1. Last year i decided to join army as a vehicle mechanic (light vehicle) They require minimum of level 2 city and guilds or gcse maths D and science -D. I had a gcse in maths but not science so Me and my recruiter chose a college course and i went to study light vehicle Level 2 IMI awards diploma. This year i finished the course and took the certificates to my new recruiter who says that these are not recognised quals. Apparently they only accept city and guilds!!!! this is crazy IMI awards is a formal recognised qual. Can anyone give me some advice on what to do as i feel ive just wasted a year of my life and am back to square one!!!

    many thanks
  2. You require a minimum of GCSE Maths, English Language and Science D grades (no equivalents) the REME SPSO MAY take into consideration if you have an alternative City and Guilds qualification and SHADE the requirement if a high level (say for instance a Level 3 qual)....however with the ammount of applicants who have the required GCSE's as requested theres no need to shade those who haven't those quals....a year on a level 2 in my view isnt that good a qual may know the basics of engine principles, transmissions, FIP's etc but not so to a great level and unfortunately Ive seen some of the bobble hat wearers who go on those courses...... the only person who can make that decision is the SPSO REME in the end...and its an extremely slim chance so your new Recruiters totally correct.
  3. This cropped up a few weeks ago with someone who was having trouble getting an equivalent qualification recognised. In his case RAF would accept it but Army wouldn't.

    If a qualification is Level 2 it is Level 2, whoever accredits it, City and Guilds, Edexel, or any one of the "awarding bodies". Too late and too much beer for me to remember the detail, but it started as NVQ's, then changed to National Qualifications Framework or something, and the system is now called something else. Whatever, the principle is the same, accredited Levels are equivalent across trades/disciplines.

    You haven't wasted your time. Its the people who write the requirements who are wasting your time by not being up to speed on this.

    First, check who accredits your IMI Level 2. Should be on your certificate.

    Next, you should also have a list of all the modules you have taken with marks for each. Check you have done enough modules with enough science content to cover the GCSE Science syllabus.

    I'll try to dig out my comments to the previous poster with the similar problem.

    (Done this and checked the "Qualifications and Credits Framework". You say the requirement is GCSE grade D or Level 2. GCSE D is equivalent to a Level 1 qualification, Level 2 is equivalent to GCSE A* - C.)

  4. Thanks for your reply.

    My qualification is IMIAL Level 2 Diploma in light vehicle maint and repair principles (VRQ)

    It is accredited by IMI AWARDS. Also stamps/logos on the bottom are OFQUAL , WELSH ASSEMBLY GOVERNMENT, CEA REWARDING LEARNING.

    Checked all the modules.

    This has been a major blow for me. Im 24 now and army VM is the job i want to do 100% so i am prepared to retake GCSE's and return to college to do level 3 next year if i have to but that would be last resort.

    What are my options now?? I have to phone my recruiter tommorow and some advice would be much appriciated.

    Thanks again
  5. Ive already told you that..the only person who can SHADE this is the REME SPSO...but at this time there are that many people who have the correct GCSE's shadings are extremely hard to come by and IMHO the basic qual you have got isnt going to help...your recruiters been spot on so far.
  6. Can you get anyone from your college to have a word?

    Apart from that, just politely explain that you believe you have an equivalent qualification.
  7. OK he HAS NOT got an equivalent qualification...even if this was a LEVEL 3 qual he still isnt assured a shading by the REME SPSO.
  8. Just to say Hot off the press a BTEC advance Science will now be accepted if you took that instead of GCSE Science due to the school, it would be accepted without shading but at present wont show up on the system as acceptable.....however all other equivalent quals have to be shaded by SPSO REME.