Army v Surrender Monkeys (Navy) 2008

Discussion in 'RLC' started by qman, Mar 12, 2008.

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  1. No doubt many of you can feel 'the quickening', but just so you all know, there can be only one. Who will it be this year? My efforts were thwarted last year by some sort of 'Qman groupies', who insisted on joining in my one mexican waves and bezzering me up all the way to London and back and I couldn't concentrate on being the 'one'. I have changed tactics this year and will be travelling with a group, in the conceipted hope that I can out-one them at the last and become the one. I have gone into training for this annual extravaganza and festival of idiocy and last night popped out a tiny little poo whilst farting. Surely a sign of the grandeur to come on the first weekend in May.
  2. Duty rumour is that there's ipods and shiny suits for the boys in the blue suits if they actually turn up and don't do a runner before the match.

    Sorry to hear your arrse muscles have caved in by the way!
  3. I always feel sorry for the Army at the Army/Navy natch. (INCOMING!!!)

    Why? Because you are always expected to win! If the RN win then it is a bonus and well done to the team! But if they loose then it was expected. But the Army are always expected to win, so if they loose it is a disaster...
  4. On the contrary dear boy. I have been doing 'Arrsocise' and as a result my arrse is now so strong that the merest twitch of my sphincter ejects the contents of my arrse at a speed akin to that of a speeding bullet. I wasn't even aware that the offending poopette was 'made ready' and much hilarity ensued as I proceeded to show my neighbours and various passers-by. I don't think my neighbour is going this year as he called me a "dirty b*stard" and slammed the door in my face!