ARMY v NHS Salaries

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Retd_crab, Nov 6, 2009.

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  1. Having just reviewed my local PCT accounts I am astounded by how much senior NHS managers get. £200k for the Ch Exec and over £100k for a director when compared with the military its astounding given the responsibilities and there are over 70 PCTs in ENgland alone. Lots of GP bashing earlier in the year about their salaries, but i doubt many earn this much.

    A major gets the same as a Band 8 Senior Manager and there are lots of them who do little more than run budgets on behalf of directors which any half decent SNCO could do

    link to NHS pay scales

    link to Army pay scales

    Tally Ho
  2. Armed forces salaries are obviously adequate considering we are nearly at 100% manning. To be honest the army is money for old rope. A 6 month tour of Afghan will net you an extra £5000.
  3. Yes, his RSM.
  4. God damn Badgeman......they spoil everyones fun.
  5. Well that and the Judge at his trial :p
  6. It's worse than that. Band 8 Managers (bearing in mind Band 8A-D covers £38-79k) may be called Budget Managers (& even get Agenda for Change extra cash for doing so) bud surprisingly few of them are even capable of understanding the budget statements.

    The real financial work is done by Band 4-6s on significantly lower salaries...
  7. is that "lots of Majors who do little more than..which any..SNCO could do"

    or "lots of Band 8s who do little more than..which any..SNCO could do" as both statements seem plausable
  8. I would disagree with fallshirmjeager here, I think the Services are grossley underpaid for what they do and for the conditions attached. Nice little Senior Manager job, Band 8B -£50k, no responsibility, 6 weeks leave and 9-5 Mon to Fri doesnt bare comparisson with what those currently serving put up with and the responsibility they hold. You all need serious pay rise.
    And I agree CaptP the budgets are as transparant as a Mississippi Mud Pie.
    Oh and Jarrod I did jump ship before the MS branch could send me back to Iraqistan again
  9. On the contrary, an 8b has an awful lot of responsibility, that's the grade that covers the service design and implementation of services to cover a population of nearly 500,000 AND trying to work out where to save money from to make the books balance at the end of the year.

    My 8b manages 270 people in the provider arm and a budget of c£21m.
  10. Some awesome responsibility goes with an army uniform. A WO (eg), depending on Corps, may deal up tp 1000 lb of explosive in a city in UK. Thats a big responsibility for the wage.
  11. GP practice is a small business. I have two full time GP partners, three nurses, one practice manager, two secretaries, ten reception staff, two cleaners and a handyman . We have 8000 patients paying an Annual turnover of about £600,000 including our points for prizes extra care for diabetes, COPD, Asthma, vaccination clinic etc etc etc ,

    Profit per partner last year after paying staff wages and practice running costs just over £112,000

    Gordon took away £22,000 pension contributions and £48,000 in tax, take home pay was just under £52,000

    I pay the cheques every month £4,000 per Dr with an end of year division when all their tax is paid , mine was £3,800 this year.

    £1000 a week (tax paid) is a lot of money but its not £200 an hour, it works out at about £5 for every patient I see, as I see 200 a week

    Thats a lot of money I agree but its not the £380,000 "pay" as reported in the Daily Mail or £200 an hour !

    Not moaning, just putting the record straight.

    Prepares for incoming, cant get coat as just starting evening surgery till 6pm.
  12. Interesting the Band 8s at my PCT have no responsibility. You have to be an associate director minimum to have delegated authority over anytrhing much. We dont even meet with them much these days after they started to turn up with pre prepared scripts. We deal directly at director level for anything that needs a decision or comment. Obviously different in accute trusts.

    All the Senior Primary Care Commissioning mangers do is provide support to the Director and his Deputy. Crying shame really because they could do a lot better.

    I can honestly say, having just finished my accounts, my GPs dont even draw close to 100k FTE.

  13. Which, as you know full well, you will get back again. With considerable interest.
  14. Just dont forget the pension contribution made by RAMC is based on his annual earnings same as said NHS Managers (20% of salary) so it is a level playing field only he bears all 20% ees and ers whilst said manager pays 6% ees only - the tax payer pays the additional 16%.
  15. I was a grade 7 in Acute on about £35k but the hassle was just not worth it. Long hours, stupid deadlines, running from one group meeting to another and putting up with some real tossers who had risen thro the ranks just because they were next for promotion. Life in the army was far more relaxed - and nobody went off with "STRESS"!!!
    Having said that, I salute the folks coping with real stress in the sandy place. They could show the NHS ahow its done.