Army v Navy

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Blind_Pew, Feb 23, 2007.

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  1. Who is going this year?
  2. Nope not me I'm throwing one off instead as usual.
  3. What's the point (sigh)

    The Fijian 'B' team is going to win. Again. :(

    (I should be there though hopefully! :D )
  4. What the biggest and best Army Piss Up/Reunion of the year? Of course...oh and there's a game of rugby on..........apparently.
  5. Im there, :thumright:
    Tickets and wrist band sorted,
    Also for the crack, oh and to see Scooby Doo, getting turfed out the Stadium again.
    Best part of the day, Rugby match was pants.
  6. The point has nothing whatsoever to do with Rugby.

    I shall be in the R Signals tent hopefully not standing in a puddle of p1ss like I was last year.
  7. Will be there.... in the R sigs ar/Tent/Room. Wibbling and dribbling...