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Discussion in 'REME' started by animalfromthemuppets, Jan 29, 2007.

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  1. It's that time of year again....

    Sparky8 (if it's still your forte), please can you post the details of when and how the tickets and REME bar bands will be available for us meer mortals to purchase.

    Is it an outside bar again? Will remember to bring mi jaykit this year, last year wasn't too bad but the year before, oooh what a draft, made me feel all southern and nesh!

    Are the ladies/oldies having a pre-match rumble at Kneller Hall as per?

    Danka.... :thumright:
  2. It is mine again mate but im off to 'Stan next week for a few weeks so Im not really looking to start the ball rolling till my return.

    We aren't in the "scrum" or "ruck and maul" bar this year as we sold the most tickets out of every Corps (beating the RLC by 1 ticket!!) so we are inside. That being said, Cam had to fight for it as our bar profits are down on everyone else but I guess if they balanced them off against the Duke of Cambridge's return then it would have showed that we like a beer or two!

    If anyone has a prob please pm me
  3. Cheers sparky8 for the prompt reply. I'm away too but looking to buy a few tickets on my return at the begining of March, so please keep us posted and let us know if there's anything in the Crafty etc..

    Tschuss! :thumleft:
  4. Any chance of being able to get hold of a couple of bar wristbands without the tickets? Got tickets through unit, and have been told that wrist bands 'not sold separately' :thumbdown:
  5. you back yet sparky? how was da 'stan? :thumright:
  6. Am back pal and am very happy to be too!

    A ticket and band will cost £22.50 total, cheques should be made payable to "Central Bank Arborfield Garrison" and sent to me with a self addressed stamped envelope for return. Tickets onm their own are £20.

    Childs tickets are being done through the ARU only.

    Bluebell Im afraid wristbands can only be purchased if you have also ordered tickets. Bit of a schoolboy error there.

    Im certainly of the Duke of Cambridge persuasion as I guess most of us are (hence why our bar profit is low) so to the uninitiated it is adjacent to The Army School of Music, Kneller Hall. I am assuming (!) that the vets and the Army ladies are once again playing by there this year.

    Any more questions and I'll try to answer them.

  7. sparky8,

    is there any chance of letting me know who you are? I have been trying to find who is dealing with the tickets/REME wristbands. I am quite willing to order and make the cheque payable to blah blah..... but where do i send the stuff!

    Ta very much!
  8. Check your PM
  9. Sorry, please mark all envelopes with "ARMY v NAVY" and send to:

    Land Systems Branch
    RG2 9NH

    *Please also include a self addressed, stamped envelope for return*

    Hope this ties up any loose ends. Fruitloops - your quest to find me is at an end!
  10. Sparky8

    Check your PM

  11. Many thanks - at least my schoolboy error (assuming you meant me) gets me on the coach and breakfast with bubbly :thumleft: Will just have to make do with 'their' bar.
  12. sparky8,

    many thanks,

  13. Sparky,

    check your pm's cheers.
  14. Guys and Girls. If you want tickets please just send your cheque and stamped self addressed envelope to me. I wont reserve tickets and none will be allocated until I have seen the fibre of your fabric!
  15. I dread to think how shiny your arrse must be now mate!! DLO then another cushy number!! :thumleft: