Discussion in 'Aviation' started by madmax, Mar 4, 2006.

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  1. Who's all going to Twickenham then? Only time I'll go being a Jock!!! Good result last weekend though.
    Any news on if the AAC has it's own bar yet??
  2. Max

    The beloved Corps has its own bar, however the exact venue is to be confirmed.

    Tickets are available from the Corps Rugby reps in the various locations, as you will struggle to get a bar wristlet unless you purchase a corps ticket too.

    If you struggle on the ticket front drop me a pm, and i will see what i can do.
  3. When are they playing this year?

    Is 4 Reg not on Volker's around then? :(
  4. Quickstop

    May 6th I believe.
  5. Its may 6th
  6. You all all correct it is the 6th of May, pretty certain that the annual beat the hell out 7 members of the other Regiments (Corps 7's) is on the 4th of May, with a celerbratory dinner afterwards. We all realise just how busy the Corps is at the moment, but it would be great if all the rugby reps can grasp the bull by the horns and get all the admin sorted. Oh and yes 4 Regt are on Volkers challenge around that time, (yipee).
  7. As an old and bold groundie from 4 Regt (amongst others), can someone explain Volkers Challenge
  8. Sven,

    It is our annual effort to cram a four week exercise into two weeks, oh including a Bak Holiday weekend of course.
  9. yeah army v navy is on the 6th, just been wondering if anybody had heard what bar we're in yet. Nothing has been sent out to rugby reps yet ref the corps 7's.
  10. I have been assured that the Corps 7's is on the 4th of May, at Middle Wallop, with a season celebratory dinner afterwards, Regiments need to collect the money for the dinner of players beforehand, and send it to Sc*t Ke**y en masse.
  11. Ex Volkers B*******. Arrse.

    Corpsman, are you going to be dishing out tickets then?
  12. Gents the Bar is the Debentures Bar.

    Level 5 in the North Stand. We are all seated in the West stand lower between halfway and the 10. The bar is open from 12 see you there. :D :oops:
  13. All depends on who you are and if i like you, or of course if you are still in and part of the bunch of chaps i have the pleasure of serving with at the moment.
  14. Corpsman are you saying once we have left the Corps..... we no longer are welcome

    well how bloody british is that :(

    at least the spams have one thing right

  15. I would never say that, well publicly anyway, everyone is welcome, i am by no means the filter for who is allowed to enter our little club, but juat remember that without a ticket you wont get in.