Army v Navy

I was on the planning meeting the other day which was a tad interesting & I will be doing the REME allocation this year. We'll once again have two bars which I know isn't ideal but it should mean that everyone who applies for a ticket will get also get a wristband. Ticket prices are the same this year, £18 a ticket and £2 a wristband.
Whilst the REME sold the most tickets we had one of the lowest bar returns, £4.31 per head in the Ruck & Maul & £5.24 per head in the Chariots of Fire. I think that this is because the majority of us meet over at the Duke of Cambridge and stay there until pretty near kick off!
There were a couple of other safety & policing points too. The police are worried about the overspill from pubs such as the Cabbage Patch & as such that wont happen this year - no pubs in Twickers town centre will have an overspill but the police have advised checking out the less well known bars as there are quite a few in town, not too far away from the regular haunts that are pretty empty. (For my two p's worth the duke of cambridge by Kneller Hall is pretty good with a large green out in front of it so it might not be a problem there). Also Army Navy also coincides with the largest amount of people taking a leak in the streets! This will also be clamped down on with on the spot £80 fines but Twickenham council is going to provide more portaloo's.
Its still a bit early for tickets yet but if anyone has any probs PM me and I'll get back to you, alternatively my details will be in the Craftsman pretty soon.

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