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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by RU99, May 3, 2011.

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  1. Right, my younger brother and I are coming down from Aberdeen for the rugby on Saturday. We were supposed to be meeting up with my older brother who is serving, train already booked etc, but on Saturday he told us he can’t make it now. The prospect of wondering around Twickers, walt-like (alas we are both stinking civvies, I am in the process of joining up), wrist bandless now thanks to big brother, isn’t really appealing. So we have three options; go to the rugby anyway, go and see Palace v Forest or go to West Ham-Blackburn. What would you do?
  2. You don't need wristbands to have a good time. In fact, the Regi bars are usually shite, unless you're with your marrers, which you won't be.

    I would go anyway. Get leathered, and join in with the fun.
  3. Other issue is will we be able to get tickets outside the ground? He was supposed to be sorting them out too but we will have to get our own now....
  4. You can usually buy tickets from the ticket office on the day.
  5. Sound, we will just go and enjoy the day. Cheers for that.
  6. No worries
  7. Remember not to tell anyone that you are from Aberdeen.
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  8. You could hook up with the four-and-twenty virgins coming down from Inverness.

    Enjoy the day.
  9. Put it this way - I'm flying over from Germany on Friday with no ticket or wristband. I will meet whoever I meet, drink copious amounts of shite and fall asleep whenever the urge takes me. To this day, after several consecutive trips to Twickenham, I've never watched a whole match, and usually only find out the score a day later.

    Anyone who goes to actually watch rugby is a mug :)
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  10. Who are these Invernesian virgins?
  11. I can't go this year, the army in it's wisdom has decided to send me away on a course.

    OP head to The Duke of Cambridge pub near the stadium, that's the last place I remember being last year in the car park getting wasted with my mates and some people I hadn't met before, it was great.

    I did see the rugby, I have a pic of me in the ground to prove I did actually go! I know the score cos I got told it the day after! And I remember Zorro! Not much else.

    Good times, can't wait for next years when I can go again :)
  12. Sounds like your brother thinks you're a pair of dicks, either that or he's a right jack cunt.
  13. Go to Twickenham, drink heavily.
  14. I've heard that there's never ever been a fit bird streaker at the vets game. ;o)
  15. Army Navy game is legendry and you would both be fools to miss it. Son & Heir's first time at Twickers this year, so will have to behave like responsible adults!!! (yeah right!!) Here's hoping the beer's cold, the men are hot and the best team wins.