Ticket and wristband in my drawer.

Army v Navy 2005
Ruck & Maul

Free tickets??
Ruck and Maul hospitality/conf room, wristband bought and paid for and surprised if any left.

Will be in the Duke from around 11'ish. It's a top event for seeing old acquaintances etc - very popular.
I have a spare entry ticket and a wristband for the ruck and maul, I will take face value, first come first served, will be socialising in the duke pre match, let me know if your stuck.
Just been up to put the Corps flag up by the Ruck & Maul, its fnunkin cold in their so if you've got any girls ( or tels techs) with you tell them to wrap up!

Drove past the Duke of C too, the landlord was out battoning down the hatches for the REME assault, made me proud to see the look of terror in his eyes!
Was anybody else disappointed by the bars for this years game?
Touch unhappy have lost Rose Room, and apparently to the bloody Artillery too! :x
It was cold and drafty and subsequently empty, as everyone wanted to stand in sunshine. Don't even start me on the 1/3 2/3 split between ruck/maul and chariots of fire, mingineers everywhere.... :evil:
I was partly responsible for us having those two bars and whilst i did try to warn people off that its not ideal we did get 2600 people in. The rose room has a capacity of 1100 and we were told that there would be no chance of forging any wristbands this year (perish the thought!!). That meant that we had to look bigger and as such we were left with ruck & maul. It soon became apparent that we needed more as demand was pretty high so we managed to get the chariots of fire as well. That meant that basically everyone who applied for a ticket through the REME got a wristband but we also had one eye on next years game.
Twickenham is redeveloping next year and as such there will be no rose room or marquis (RE and RSigs) so its going to be a bun fight for a bar. As we have the Ruck & Maul, we should secure it for next year and at least we'll be having a jolly good time whilst other capbadges are spread out around Twickers. Sorry it wasn't ideal but I think its a case of pleasing some of the people some of the time......
Not ideal as you said but still met up with old pals and had a good day. Well done.

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