ARMY v NAVY Wristband - Not my BADMIN some one elses!

Ok due to BADMIN on a 'friends' behalf we are a REME wristband down for the AvN.

If you have a spare and willing to let it go we are willing to donate whatever sum you would like for it to your chosen charity plus pay you the cost of the wristband so your not out of pocket.

Genuine request.

Cheers see you all in the may not see my mates missus....unless we get a wristband lol
If there is anymore going give me a pm, would be much apprieciated, bunch of us armourers from SEME going lacking wristbands
Is Emma Gardiner still at SEME? If so, speak to her (Gwar civvy coy clerk). Last time I saw her she was working in the Halifax in the shopping centre down the bottom of Chalet hill, and may still be there. I bumped into her at the last AvN, and she had loads of wristbands to dish out, so she still keeps her hand in the game as it were.

If you do se her, say "Smudge says Hi".....the dirty wench.

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