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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Son_of_Jimmy, Nov 30, 2008.

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  1. i'm going the army navy this year for the first time in years (i have clearance from 0A) i just need some ideas of where to stay. cheers.
  2. Try the Union Jack Club and / or Victory Services Club.

  3. If you want somewhere within walking distance of Twickenham the Premier Inn in Whitton is good and about 10 minutes away. Book early though as it's usually full for big events.

    Premier Inn
    Twickenham Stadium
    Chertsey Road
    TW2 6LS

    T: 0870 990 6416
    F: 0870 990 6417
    Monday - Thursday
    From £83 per room
    per night

    Friday - Sunday
    From £68 per room
    per night
  4. There is also the St Giles in Feltham, it is one stop from Twickenham - a fair few people stop there also.

    A lot depends on what you plan to do after the match .....

    are you old and need to go and change your colostomy bag? .. then nearby is better.

    are you still debauched and up for Soho? ... then inner London is better.
  5. If doing it on the cheap there's also a Travelodge in Feltham next to the railway station, where you can often get £19 rooms. Feltham's 2 stops from Twickenham or 1 from Whitton.
  6. thanks to everyone for the help, i'm sure i'll be annoying you all in the corps bar.
  7. Go Army Beat Navy

    Ours falls on the weekend too. :1: :cyclops:

  8. i'm not too sure but there is a few little b&bs dotted about, i'll ask my mum she still lives in whitton, and there's also a few cheap hotels around hounslow which is one stop from whitton or 2 from twickenham although it is raghead central
  9. Do people actually go and watch the rugby? I wondered why it was easier to get served in the patch after 1400. Oh well, I shall be taking up my usual slot on the Waitrose park bench. :D
  10. There's a Rugby game on?

    BTW the ribs in the pub next to the Prem Inn in Whitton are exquisite....
  11. the winning post?,

    on another note, how do arrsers recognise other arrsers?
  12. Yes, the Winning Post. On the A316.

    I may wear my ARRSE T shirt again.
  13. Been a couple of times and have never watched the rugby. It helps having a mate with a house in Twickenham.