ARMY V NAVY Tickets and Bar Pass for sale

3 Tickets for the game, including Corps Bar passes. PM Me if interested. First reasonable offer secures.
Please sell them only for face value (£15 and £2.50) We do not want a bidding war on bar tickets as it will lead to complete mess with people trading in tickets without any loyalty to the Corps or decent behaviour
Agreed. Also if you do not sell them Give them to someone who is going to give to the plethora of people that do not have them do not just throw them away.
Calm down dear,

They've been sold to the first bidder. As I said "first reasonable offer"

And don't worry, its a fine Corps chappie
whitewash said:
Calm down dear
Exactly...why was everyone getting their knickers in a twist there! Bunch of girls. It's only a bloody rugby match. You can get tickets at the gate anyway - then bludgeon your way into the Corps bar area.

Failing that, go to the Cabbage Patch for a few hours before moving onto Covent Garden until the wee small hours and get absobloominlutely w**kered. Simple!
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