ARMY v NAVY Sat 7th May 2011

Missed last year, and Zorro, due to my move to Canada. But I'm flying back in to see the Army get back to where they rightfully belong.
This is more than just a Rugby Game - this time its serious.
Agreed. The iPod wearing surrender monkeys didn't stick to the script last year. Awfully poor sportsmanship and all that old boy don't you know!

On a positive note, anyone watching the final of the Wellington 7s (Fuji v Fuji) may have noticed a certain squaddie going great guns!
This is more than just a Rugby Game - this time its serious.
More than that: this time it's also for Professionals. Rumour control (my memory is awful) has it that it is also Cav Mem w/end. Intensive Training has started - No-one I know is sober enough to confirm or deny it. I'll light a candle in church for the one who can confirm/deny it.

Edited to add: Or ritually sacrifice a fish finger for the satanists. Jedi Knights don't need my help........ Oh, maybe Zorro could do a Jedi number? Using THE FORCE to keep just out off reach of the ground staff.
Did anything ever come of the proposed arrse beer tent/bar that was being mooted a few seasons back?
Just seen the letter doing the rounds. Doesn't look like Zorro et al will be putting in an appearance this year. Serving members up in front of THE Adjutant General on the Monday morning if they transgress!!!
i still remember the round of applause Zorro got at the station last year :D
the kneeling down in the middle of the pitch was the icing on the cake

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