Army-v-Navy Rugby

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by whocares, May 1, 2006.

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  1. I am going to the Army-v-Navy on Sat, was one of the lucky ones to have won flights and tickets from BFBS, which was nice! I have never been to this particular match before and was wondering whether anyone has any advice on good places for a pint, pre and post match?

    Also, all the hype about Reg'l tents, are they really what they are cracked up to be or is the Cabbage Patch just a good an option? I don't have any wristband/tickets for the Regt'l tents so I can guess where I will be supping, but any advice would be great


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  2. There are more bars in Twickenham than the Cabbage Patch, which gets ridiculous because its the first bar every one sees. Or the Tavern across the road. The ARU have maps from the RFU showing all the boozers and rugby bogs (handy) so I'd give them a bell and see if they'll fax you a copy out.

    There are also a good few boozers in Richmond, plus there are buses put on which run from the ground to Richmond, drops you off right outside the Tube station.

    Depending on how far you want to travel there are all the usual suspects in the centre of London, Whetherspoons, Walkabouts et al.

    There is also one of the bars in the gound is usual open to all comers, most of the rest being the Corps bars.
  3. Thanks Baron
  4. On the same subject does anyone know where you can get your hands on the wrist bands to access the corps/regt'l tents on the day or do you have to go through the relevant Reg'tl secs?

    Got me polo shirt and ready to go!
  5. You may've left it a bit late in the day to get a wristband. But usually you do go through the relevant Corps Secretary. If you don'tknow who it is, the ARU should be able to help you out with contact info.

    You may be lucky and are able to get one or you may have to try the usual tricks. The art of blag and/or borrow one from someone already in there.