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Army V Navy Rugby

ARRSE Gathering at the Army V. Navy game?

  • It would be rude not to!

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  • Not for me thanks, Chef.

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  • Whats ARRSE?

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I know it's only Decemeber and this doesn't happen till May every year, but was wondering what people's thoughts were about combinging the big game with a few arrse drinks?

I'd definitely be up for it. Of course, the chances of me actually being in the fcuking country are slim but you never know!
Anyway, the navy will get spanked again but this is prob due to the fact that we seem to be playing the Fijian B team every year......
DozyBint said:
Surely the ARRSE colours rugby shirt will be in stock by then!
Going to get them made to order Dozy - too big a financial risk to hold loads of stock at the quality of the one I had made up. ANd don't want to sully the good name of ARRSE with cheapies from any of the "design your own" sites.

Watch out for new thread in the ARRSE Things Including Shop and Jobs forum later today :D

That sounds decided then, what better way for ARRSE to advertise than to have their own ARRSE Tent with all the other Unit Beer Tents, by May they could also get a real ale made in the name of ARRSE for the event I'm sure! it would be excellent, ARRSE Pins, Badges, T-Shirts etc. Go ARRSERS!!! MODS and ARRSE Management sounds like one you simply cannot refuse to do :lol:
I'lll be there with a few other arrsers anyway so i'm quite definatly up for it. If there's enough interest maybe we could get a block booking of seats.

Oh yeah it's the 6th of may this year and the 7th happens to be smoojalooges birthday so i'll be taking him to church so that's an open invite as well
VirtualSoapBox said:
SnapDragon said:
^ Can't be seen under jeans
Niether could ARRSE underwear but i'm sure there are some girls out there who would look great in some black lace with a tasteful ARRSE design
:p :p :p :p
Nope. I for one am a bit of a fat munter, so my a$$ in ARRSE undies could be easily mistaken for a circus tent. There would be shrieking kiddies attempting to crawl up my crack all day to see the lions and tigers. That spells disappointment for all parties.

But the Tankie and I ARE planning to be there. :D
I'll be there regardless, but if it's to be an Arrse Crawl/Meet as well, then it's a date. Oh and the 6th is MY birthday, so I might have a quiet beer to celebrate. Followed by some loud ones of course.

Also definately up for a short sleeve rugby top if/when they are available. :)
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