Army v Navy Rugby Tshirt

Hi everyone
Currently serving in the RN but i have a sideline in designing and selling T-shirts. I created this design of a Figure 11 with a rugby ball for the upcoming army v navy game.
i sell it on Ebay and aslo direct from me. Price is £15 which includes free P&P
Shirts availabe in red,white,blue and sizes M / L / XL / XXL
Payment via paypal.

Heres the Ebay link
SteamTree 'Army Rubgy' T-Shirt. Military/Army/Air Force/ Navy/ Sports | eBay

Or contact me directly on



it looks a bit wonky.
Did you print it yourself with decadry* iron on transfer paper?

*or similar.

I am mildly amused by the design. Not enough to actually buy it though.
Perhaps my post above was a little too harsh, maybe the picture doesnt do it justice? Good effort for trying to earn a little extra dosh though.
That'll be you shot down in flames by the usuals, well done for trying anyway.
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